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Zheng Falei,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

Born in January 1947 in JiangSu Siyang. In 1984,he joined jiusan Society. Once,he served as the director of urology department in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. And now,he takes the charge of the 11th Central Committee of jiusan Society,the director of the Central Medical and He alth Committee,the 10th Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Commission. And he is also the Professor and Doctoral tutor at CAMS(Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

2、Work Experience

--The committee member in Journal editorial board of Chinese Contemporary Famous Doctor and Hospital

--The member of the 10th CPPC

--He attended the Medical Department of Chinese Peking Union Medical College in 1965-1970.

--In 1970-1978,he was in charge of the attending physician in Jiuquan Zone Hospital

--In 1978-1981,he received a master's degree in The Department of Nephrology Professional of Chinese Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

--In 1982-1988,he acted as the visiting staff in Peking Union Medical College Hospital

During this period,he had studied in Universiteit Antwerpen and got a PhD.

--Since 1988,he successively held the posts of director,associate professor and professor in Nephrology Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

--After 1993,he once worked as the medical professor of Chinese Peking Union Medical College, Deputy Minister of Beijing Society of Nephrology,deputy director of a branch belonging to the China Nephrology

He has rich clinical experience and thinks highly of the combination of theory and practice. What's more,he also has a higher technical level on the difficult disease of Nephrology Department.

3、Primary Specialties

He has mainly worked on the clinic,study and teaching of Kidney Disease,and a higher technical level of the diagnosis to difficult renal diseases.

Besides,he also have been committing himself to the study in metabolism,early prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease and the Renal toxicity,Tubulointerstitial Disease and Metabolism of Electrolyte,etc.

The research mainly focuses on metabolic disorders and nutritional therapy of Chronic Kidney Disease,the pathologic mechanism and intervention of renal interstitial fibrosis,the lesion on kidney tubules and renal toxicity,etc.

4、Papers and Monographs

Up to now,he has published more than 260 various papers about medical science.

Main translation classic--Kahn Modern Therapeutics

Main writing medical monographs are 3,including the Clinical and Process of Kidney Disease,Chronic Kidney Failure,Concise Nephrology.

Besides,he once had taken part in the compilation of 28 monographs that contains Modern medicine,the Chinese internal medicine,Nephrology,and so on.

5、Achievements & Honors

Zheng Falei,has taken up a job as a doctor for 40 years.

After 1979,he mainly engaged in the clinical research and teaching of Kidney Disease. The key points of that are metabolic disorders and nutritional therapy of Chronic Kidney Disease,pathogenesis and intervention of renal interstitial fibrosis,lesions on kidney tubules and Renal toxicity and so on.

In the 1980s and1990s,he reported firstly the disorder of protein,amino acid and used the essential amino acids and ketones acid to treat the Chronic Renal Disease(CKD). At the same time,he informed that this therapy can improve the metabolic disorders of protein and amino acids. Besides,it can also relieve the Kidney Disease process. It is worth mentioning that this research won the Second Prize of China Academy of Medical Sciences Research in 1985.

And then,in the Metabolism Study of Chronic Renal Failure(CRF),he was the first to report the relationship between Metabolic Acidosis and orexin,leptin of patients with uremia.

After 1988,he report the Type IV clinical and biochemical characteristics of renal tubular acidosis firstly in China.

In 1991,with his peers, they take the basic and clinical research on erythrogenin,which was awarded Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress.

In the study of renal toxicity mechanism,he discovered that the death caused by medicine is closely to the change of calcium ion concentration in cell,which made the partner and him awarded the Second Prize of Chinese Medicine in 2008.

After 1997,he took the research on the pathogenesis of Aristolochzc Acid Nephropathy(AAN). And he made the successful animal model of rats' Chronic Aristolochic Acid Nephropathy firstly. Then he also was the first one to report the transdifferentiation of renal tubular epithelial cells is one of the main pathogenesis of AAN.

In 2007,he won the 90th Anniversary of China Medical College Outstanding Paper Award. What's more,he also had undertook and accomplished some fund program such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC),Beijing Natural Science Fund Project,Ministry of Science and Technology "five-year" and "five-year", "15" research projects and other Science Fund Project of Ministry of Health or CHINESE ACAD MED SCI.

Shan Hongyin,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

At present,Shan Hongyin M.D is the leader of expert group and research group in Kidney Disease Hospital of China. Besides,he is also the deputy director of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Institute.

2、Primary Specialties

He is the famous expert on Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease in China. He has engaged in Cardiovascular Disease and Kidney Disease for more than 40 years,which Involves in clinical, teaching, research and other fields.

In clinic,he is skilled in stenocardia,myocardial infarction,high blood pressure,heart failure and arrhythmia etc. He also have high attainments on diabetes and cerebral apoplexy.

3、Achievements & Honors

As the backbone of the business,the Tachyarrhythmia made by him had got the Outstanding Achievement Award of Audio-Visual Materials. Besides,it is listed as teaching and generalized nationally. And his another study won Second Prize of Health Department of Scientific and Technological Achievements.

As editorial board member,author and subeditor,he published the diagnosis and treatment of Kidney Disease with Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,cardiovascular diseases and exploring on Kidney Disease and so on works.

In International Journals,international congress,he has published several papers.

Wang Zhanping,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

In 1970,he graduated from Shanghai Tongji University School of Medicine. Then in 1972,he took the job in Shijiazhaung Central Hospital Internal Medicine & Heart and Kidney Medicine. Up to now,he has been working as a doctor for more than 40 years. Now,he is the academic leader of Kidney Hospital China Therapeutic Center. Besides,he also hold the posts of vice chairman of Kidney Disease Professional Committee in He Bei Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute,standing committee member of the Association of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute in He Bei.

2、Primary Specialties

In the 40 years of clinical research,he is skilled in Nephrotic Syndrome,Polycystic Kidney Disease,Nephritis,Kidney Failure and so on.

3、Achievements & Honors

In 40 years,he has accumulated rich clinical experience. In the process of the treatment,he especially pay attention to combine traditional Chinese and western medicine. Besides,he is good at the diagnosis and analyze of the patients condition,then seize the pathogeny to remedy kidney disease fundamentally. He also be good at summarizing of the curative effect with the modern theory.

As the backbone of Kidney Hospital China,he offers a large number of clinical evidence for research. At the same time,he applies the theory to clinic treatment flexibly. In clinic,he also lay emphasis on individual particularity and take the flexible targeted treatments,which avoids the drug side effects to kidneys.

Sun Xincheng,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

Now he service as the director and professor in The Third Hospital,HeBei Medical University.

At present he holds the office of committee member in Chinese Medical Association,HeBei Endoscopic society and the editorial board member in HeBei Medical University.

2、Primary Specialties

In more than 30 years,he is good at Urinary Tract Trauma,Disease of Prostate,tumour and so on. Besides,he has rich clinical experience in sexual dysfunction,infertility and Urogenital System Inflammation.

3、Achievements & Honors

He has published more than 10 articles in national and provincial magazines. In addition,he also has won the Second Prize of provincial and municipal Science and Technology.

4、Exclusive Interview

He is a professional and outstanding doctor in his field. To his patients,he never be impatient to their questions and the doubts. He said, " I have no reasons to refuse my patients. They believe in me,which is the biggest encouragement for me. "

He loves his work deeply and be also dedicated to this career.

Mao Yan,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

She graduated from Medical College in LiaoNing Dalian in 1973. Then she had served in the PLA 27672 Hospital and Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in HeBei. And now,she is the Consultation Center director and Research Center deputy director of Kidney Disease Hospital of China.

2、Primary Specialties

In 40 years clinical study,she has a further study of Nephrotic Syndrome(NS),Lupus Nephritis(LN),Diabetic Nephropathy(DN),Kidney Failure and so on.

3、Achievements & Honors

In the long-term clinical research,she made a set of unique treatment that won the Third Prize in National Technology Progress. At the same time,this method had applied for individual patent.

4、Exclusive Interview

As a female Kidney Disease expert,Mao M.D is known for her patience and kindness. Many patients like to talk to her about their troubles,trifles and so on. She is not only a doctor with superior skills,but also a mother or a daughter for patients.

She regards the patients as as her family,taking the more strict diagnosis and more careful nursing. Last year,a patient sent her a banner "miao shou hui chun". She said, "it is should be a normal thing that our patients trust our doctors. I did not do anything except my work."

Zhang Dengxi,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

Born in 1949,Zhang Dengxi is the ward director in Kidney Disease Hospital of China. And now,he takes office as the Deputy Supervisor of Kidney Disease Complications Group and the member of Nephrotic Syndrome Group.

2、Primary Specialties

For more than 30 years,he is mainly engaged in research and diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Kidney Disease. Besides,he has a set of unique medical theories and treatment methods on Nephrotic Syndrome,Lupus Nephritis and Hypertensive Nephropathy etc.

3、Achievements & Honors

Owing to the remarkable achievement,he summarizes and improves continually in clinic. Moreover,he also published a few papers in some authoritative medical journals. At the same time,he explores a unique treatment approaches to Kidney Disease.

Zhang Youkang,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

Born on January 22,1946 in Ningbo,ZheJiang province,at present he holds the office of chairman in Beijing Medical Association Nephrology Society and the vice director in Chinese Medical Association Nephrology Society.

He is very accomplished in kidney disease and has been awarded many prizes. In 1991,he was awarded "Outstanding contributions of Chinese doctorate recipients ". In 1996,he enjoyed the special government allowances state and since January 1999,he has been servicing as the president in First Hospital of Beijing Medical University.

2、Study Experience

--In September 1968,he graduated from Medicine Department of Shanghai Second School of Clinical Medicine.

--In September 1982,he got the master's degree in Beijing Medical University. Then also in here,he got the Medicine Doctor Degree in 1987. Since 1979,Zhang M.D has been working in Beijing Medical University First Hospital,.

--From 1988 to 1989,he studied in Adelaide Royal Hospital to learn the Kidney Disease in Australia.

--In 1995-1996,he studied in University of Pennsylvania for Kidney Disease in America.

3、Primary Specialties

In the past 20 years,Zhang Youkang has been Engaging in the experimental study and clinical work on Kidney Disease filed.

In domestic nephrology,he has firstly established experimental nephritis model,including different pathogenesis and various pathological types,using artificial method to copy the experimental model series of almost all different pathological type, which lays an important foundation for Chinese experimental research on the pathogenesis of nephritis.Since then,he took this model series to do the research on Nephritis and this model also be widely used and promoted by domestic counterparts. Thus he was awarded the Scientific and Technological Achievements Second prize of Health Department and the Application Second prize of State Education Commission Scientific and Technological Progress.

Besides,he reported for the first time that some glomerular disease diagnosed by electron microscopy,such as TBMN(Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy),Fibrillary Glomerulopathy and so on,which improves the Chinese diagnosis level of glomerular pathology and integrates with the international advanced level.

4、Papers and Monographs

Since 1985,he has published more than 500 papers in periodicals at home and abroad. Besides,he has participated in the preparation of 15 monographs.

As the project leader,he has taken 6 research projects at the ministerial level.

And now,he worked as the editorial board member or the guest reviewer of Chinese Internal Medicine Department Magazine,Chinese Journal of Nephrology,Journal of Peking University(medicine edition),Journal of Clinical Nephrology and so on and enjoyed special state allowance.

5、Achievements & Honors

Up to now,in about 40 years,he has been devoting himself to Kidney Disease. He had been awarded the "Outstanding contributions of Chinese doctorate recipients". Besides,since 1986,he has won 6 items of Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

For nearly 30 years,he has been engaged in the field of Kidney Disease research,clinical practice and hospital management.

Liu Luchuan,M.D

1、Brief Introduction

In September 1975,he graduated from the Clinical Medicine of Medical Experts School. Then he successively worked at Wendeng First People's Hospital in WeiHai,Branch Courts of the People's Hospital in Wendeng and Wendeng second People's Hospital.

In his early years,he had been studying in Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital,Weifang People's Hospital. At a later time,he had been participating in the professional study uninterruptedly to improve himself.

2、Primary Specialties

He is skilled in Chronic Nephritis,Kidney Failure,Nephrotic Syndrome(NS),Diabetic Nephropathy(DN) and so so. In about 40 years,he has accumulated rich theoretical and clinical experience to treat the renal disease.

3、Achievements & Honors

He had published several papers and works about the Kidney Disease in recent years. Besides,he had participated in the writing of Explore Science of CVD and Kidney Disease.

4、Exclusive Interview

First impression to person of Liu Luchuan M.D is his preciseness. No matter the sharp eyes or the pale hair,he makes the patients feel at ease.

Anyone who contact with the Liu can feel his rigorous and self-confidence. What he had said and did are all considered carefully. He said,"patients are almost utterly ignorant of the disease,the person that they only can believe is the doctor. After the painful torture caused by disease,patients may have blind trust in doctors. In tis case,once the said the wrong thing or just one word,it may cause the severer consequence. So preciseness is necessary to be a doctor."

Speaking of self-confidence,which is certainly based on Liu M.D's clinical practice for many years. He jokingly referred to that, "If I have no confidence, how can patients trust me?"