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About Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital of China

Since 1986, Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital of China has been dedicated to providing the highest quality care to Kidney Disease patients all over the world.

As one of the largest kidney disease specialized hospitals of China, our hospital covers an area of 48,000 acres and the building area is 46,000 m2. With capacity of admitting over 1,000 patients, we are always providing the most advanced treatments and considerate service for kidney patients and their families.

Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital of China utilizes the latest medical technology, so you can feel confident that you and your family are receiving the utmost quality of care.

Featured Treatments

Throughout our history, we have pioneered medical advances that save lives and protect against kidney disease. Kidney experts in our hospital have successfully put forward a variety of advanced theories and featured therapies including Renal Fibrosis Theory, Five Kidney Inherent Cells Theory, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, and Top Seven TCM Therapies.

We are unique in our ability to provide the most compassionate personal care because we're driven by our passion for innovation, grounded in the best medical and scientific knowledge. This means that you and your family have access to the highest quality, research-driven care.


Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital of China is located in the Xinhua district of Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province. It is about 300 kilometer to Beijing, the capital city of China. For directions to our hospital, you can call us at +86-311-89261585.

Mission Statement

Our hospital is dedicated to improve the lives of people and families affected by kidney disease.

We pursue this mission by:

• Providing the highest quality compassionate, specialized and effective clinical care, in partnership with those whom we serve;

• Conducting scientific investigation to maximize discovery and accelerate translation of findings towards achieving prevention and cures;

• Teaching patients and their families to have clear understanding about kidney disease;

• Providing public education to raise awareness of kidney disease.