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High creatinine level indicates serious kidney problem, well, how to lower creatinine level in blood naturally?Read More

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Step 1: Before your coming to China

Preparations for your travel. Before your coming, our doctor will talk with you about items you need to bring. We are also glad to help you with any other of your concerns regarding the weather, foods, transportation and so on.

Airport pick-up. If necessary, our staff will meet you at the airport when you arrive at China and bring you back to the hospital. It's also our duty to help you with all procedures needed for getting hospitalized.

Interpreters services. Interpreter services are available in languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc.

Visa extension. In some cases, the treatment plan may be longer than the time given on your travel visa. If this happens, our staff can help you to extend your stay.

Step 2: During your hospitalization

Services for accompanying people. We provide another one bed for patient's family member or friend. If you are accompanied by more than one persons, we help book hotel room for you.

Accommodations. Every ward is well-equipped with TV, air-conditioner, kitchen, fridge, laundry, and wife service.

Foods. You can cook in your own kitchen in ward or private nurse can help you order foods from our dining hall.

Shopping or walking. Large supermarket and park are available near our hospital. You can go shopping or take a walk together with your private nurse.

Safety. Many procedures are in place to protect your well-being and to secure the best medical outcome possible for you. Your safety is our primary concern.

Step 3: After getting discharged from our hospital

Book ticket. Ahead of your returning home, we can help you book the flight ticket.

Assistance at the airport. When you will leave China for home, we will go with you to the airport and help you with customs check-in.

Follow-up service. You can consult our doctor for free help if you have anything unclear during your recovering process at home.

For more information about any of our service or treatment, please feel free to Contact Us.