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Long-term Lack Of Sleep May Do Great Harm To Your Health

2018-11-14 14:04

Nowadays more young people is accustomed to staying up at night to enjoy entertainment ,but that is harmful to their health and they should know what is the change in the body after long-term lack of sleep.

Long-term lack of sleep, the body will face five major problems

Become slow in thought

Some people like to leave everything for the night, thinking that they will be active and efficient in evening. However, if it affects the sleep time, the consequences of working overtime and staying up late for one night are dizziness, inability to concentrate, and the work efficiency actually hits a big discount. Lack of sleep, the brain’s creative thinking, logical thinking, disposal things will be affected, slow response, memory loss, especially need to be careful when driving, high-risk work.


If you find that your skin is yellowish, dry, with dark circles, eye bags, and bloodshot eyes, then whether you have recently slept less recently. In the case of long-term stress and fatigue, if the organ is not fully rested, it will become manifestation on the skin, making people ugly.


In the lack of sleep state, the appetite-related hormone secretes is affected, and the hormone causing hunger is increased secretes so high-calorie, high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods are over eaten. Eat more, digest less, and naturally increase the chance of getting fat. An increase in waist circumference is not a good thing for health.

Fail to grow to the full height

Especially for adolescents, adolescent growth and development is not only related to genetic, nutritional, exercise, but also with auxin auxin is closely related to sleep, and sleeps less, and secretes is less.

Increase the risk of illness

The worse the sleep, the more tired, the mood of the person will be melancholy, the immunity will decline, and it will be more easy to get cold. In addition, it is easy to increase the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression, and myocardial infarction Incidents of sudden death due to overwork have also occurred from time to time.After you have read the comments above you can know more about the harm of lack of sleep to your health,and if you have any other questions about that please contact us through the following:

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