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Some Misconceptions About Kidney Disease May Be Dangerous To You

2018-12-08 09:53

To most kidney patients they are always confused to their condition and make some mistakes that influence the treatment effect ,then i want to show you some misconceptions as following,the five misconceptions about kidney disease are the most common, one of which is very dangerous.

Often, readers or patients ask me if my back hurts, my urine has foam, dizziness, nausea, tiredness, and hematuria … all these indicates kidney diseases? ..

To tell the truth, these are not necessarily kidney diseases. Many cases of kidney disease are similar to other diseases.

Healthy person may have proteinuria+ after exercising, so the occasional urine foam is not necessarily kidney disease.

Of course, it’s good to be free from illness, but diabetes and urinary tract infection and even some liver diseases can also cause foam urine, which does not necessarily respond to household urine protein test paper.

Although urine turbidity may be due to the fact that urine contains many proteins, it may not be due to kidney disease. But the human body ingests too much protein, resulting in an increase in phosphate and uric acid content in urine. Other possible causes include chyluria and bacterial infection.

The kidney produces 180 l of raw urine every day, but the final urination is only about 2l. Therefore, if the kidney is not good, the reabsorption and concentration capacity of the kidney will decrease, and more water will be needed to eliminate metabolites at this time, so it is easy to have frequent urination.

However, frequent urination may also be caused by other reasons, such as psychological frequent urination ( such as going to the toilet before the exam ), cystitis or urethritis.

.. Most of the time, there will be occult blood in the kidney with inflammation, and there is no corresponding treatment medicine in western medicine, which can only be done by traditional Chinese medicine.

However, there is a test called ” three cups of urine test” because occult blood is not all due to kidney disease, and may be urinary tract infection, calculus, cystitis, or even malignant tumor. The three cups of urine test can detect the source of occult blood.

Among them, malignant tumor can be said to be the most serious ” occult blood disease”.

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