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Some Measures Can Help Membranous Nephropathy Avoid Uremia

2018-12-09 09:14

To most nephropathy patients they often confuse if the second stage of membranous nephropathy will develop into Uremia,and i will show you the result as following.

Q: I found the second stage of membranous nephropathy in 2013. I lived in the hospital of for more than three years now. I checked 24 – hour urinary protein 6.7g yesterday and had dropped to 1.5g before. Will my condition develop into uremia? ..

A: Membranous nephropathy syndrome is a pathological condition caused by the damage of glomerular basement membrane and the increase of permeability, which leads to pathological damage of kidney and the loss of plasma protein in urine. The therapeutic hormone for model nephropathy is not sensitive. The unsatisfactory treatment of the disease indicates that consolidation treatment and diet control are not very good. The situation you said depends on the need to improve the treatment plan. Hormone therapy can control the disease but does not repair the damaged glomerulus. The current situation requires a low – salt, low – fat, low – protein, high-vitamin and high-calorie diet. At the same time, we should also pay attention to preventing overwork from increasing the burden on the kidneys.

Will the second stage of membranous nephropathy develop into uremia? The methods to prevent Nephrotic syndrome from developing into uremia include:

I early treatment: The earlier treatment, the less likely nephrotic syndrome will develop into uremia. In the period of nephrotic syndrome, the difficulty of treatment is much smaller than that of uremia, and active treatment is the most effective way to prevent nephrotic syndrome from developing into uremia.

Second, a full rest: Patients with nephrotic syndrome should ensure adequate rest and good nutrition, and do not engage in activities beyond their means so as not to aggravate their illness.

Three, to avoid damaging the kidney chemicals: To avoid supplies and environment containing cadmium, chloroform, ethylene glycol and tetrachloroethylene, these may lead to the aggravation of nephrotic syndrome. They are commonly found in pesticides, car exhaust, paints, building and household cleaners.

Some chemical elements have been found to be associated with acute and chronic kidney disease in general household products. As long as we carefully read the product instructions and take more preventive measures.

Four, limit the high potassium food: High potassium food will increase the burden of kidney metabolism for patients with nephrotic syndrome with hyperkalemia, which is extremely unfavorable to the recovery of nephrotic syndrome and may lead to acute Renal failure. The main foods containing potassium are:

1. High potassium vegetables: Green leafy vegetables ( such as spinach, spinach, amaranth and lettuce ), mushrooms, laver, kelp, carrots and potatoes.

2. High potassium fruits: Banana, tomato, jujube, orange, mango, persimmon, melon, grapefruit, carambola, etc.

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