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Some Common Preventive Measures To Glomerulonephritis

2018-12-10 10:26

As a kidney patient you should know that the common preventive measures for glomerulonephritis are mainly from the following aspects:

1. Combination of work and leisure

In daily work, no matter in physical or mental work, nephritis patients should not be over – tired, and should strengthen rest, otherwise they will increase abnormal metabolism, increase the burden of renal function and even damage the kidney.

2. Pay attention to emotion regulation

Patients with chronic nephritis must be confident to fight the disease, because the condition of chronic nephritis continues slowly, so they must maintain the determination and confidence to treat it. Angry and anxiety will cause liver damage, affect the disorder of secretion system and directly damage renal function.

3. Pay attention to diet

Irrational diet is often more likely to increase the burden on the kidney of patients with chronic nephritis, causing further damage to the kidney and leading to continued deterioration of the disease. According to the characteristics of chronic nephritis, patients should have a reasonable kidney disease diet.

4, Couple life should be regular

For husband and wife life, patients with chronic nephritis should not be over – frequent, generally not more than twice a month, and if over – frequent, the disease will easily recur and worsen.

5. Do not take anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs without permission of doctors.

For example, cold medicines and antibiotics must be taken under the guidance of relevant doctors before anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines are used, because improper use of these medicines directly damages renal function and leads to abnormal renal function.

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