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What Are The Stages Of Kidney Disease And How To Know

2018-11-25 11:45

When you have kidney problems you should go to see a doctor in time and do some tests with your blood and urine.Then you can know what stage your kidney condition is on,and what to do to promote your condition.Commonly the kidney disease is divided into five stages,and on different stage you will accept the different treatment method ,then i will share something useful with you about the principle of treatment.

1. Blood Creatinine level .

133 μ m ol / l ≤ SCR ≤ 177 μ m ol / l is the compensatory phase of renal function.

186 μ m ol / l ≤ SCR ≤ 442 μ m ol / l is the renal function decompensation period.

443 μ m ol / l ≤ SCR ≤ 707 μ m ol / l is the stage of kidney failure.

SCR ≥ 708 μ m ol / L will develop into uremia.

2. During the first two periods, renal function was slightly damaged, and active treatment could reduce the damage. The renal failure period was to delay the arrival of uremia as much as possible, while the uremia period was to preserve residual renal function and ensure urine volume.

However, serum creatinine has ” hysteresis” and is easily disturbed by external factors such as exercise and diet. Therefore, it is necessary to combine other examinations to make a diagnosis. ..

2. creatinine clearance rate ( CCR )

The attention of this examination is to determine renal function by examining the excretion of autogenous creatinine in the body. With the development of renal function, the clearance rate of creatinine in memory decreased gradually:

Renal function compensatory period, 50ml / min ≤ CCR ≤ 80 ml / min;

Renal function decompensation period, 20 / min ≤ CCR ≤ 49 ml / min;

During renal failure, 19 ml / min ≤ CCR ≤ 10 ml / min;

Uremia, CCR ≤ 9 ml / min.

This examination is commonly used in the department of nephrology and is also a reliable evaluation of renal function.

3, blood urea ( nitrogen )

In chronic renal failure, especially in uremic patients, the increase of blood urea nitrogen is consistent with the severity of the disease.

4. Cystatin C

Compared with the ” lag” of creatinine response, this test is sensitive and begins to rise early in the decline of renal function.

5. Kidney ECT

This is a nuclear medicine examination. It is radioactive and expensive. It is usually combined with anatomical structure to obtain renal function information.

From the point of view of serum creatinine and creatinine clearance, active treatment can be controlled or even cured when renal function is in compensatory and decompensated period. Therefore, once a kidney problem is discovered, it must be checked and treated in time, and the chance may only be once.If you have any questions please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidney-support@hotmail.com

Whatsapp / Viber / Wechat: +8618633865632

Any kidney problems? Please consult our online doctor. The satisfaction of patient is as high as 93%.

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