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Why is Sodium Restricted in the Kidney Disease Diet

2015-03-06 14:06

Why is Sodium Restricted in the Kidney Disease DietIt is known that kidney disease patients should keep strict diet, which is helpful for treating their disease, sodium is one of the things they should be pay attention to. But do you know why sodium is restricted in the kidney disease diet ? Before give you that answer, i'd like to show you what is sodium.

What is sodium?

Sodium is a mineral that occurs naturally in food. Your body uses sodium for several functions including:

Maintaining fluid balance

Regulating blood pressure

Muscle contraction

Nerve activity

Why is sodium restricted in the kidney disease diet?

When your kidneys aren't functioning properly, they lose the ability to get rid of excess dietary sodium. Elevated levels of sodium in the blood can cause:

Excessive thirst

Rapid weight gain

Shortness of breath

High blood pressure

Enlarged heart

Edema (swelling of the feet, legs, fingers)

So in order to avoid those complications, as a kidney disease patient you should control the intake of sodium.

How do you avoid getting too much sodium?

Avoid foods high in sodium.

Avoid the salt shaker while cooking or at the table.

Limit processed and commercially prepared foods such as:

American Cheese

Canned Soups

T.V. Dinners

Deli Foods

Read food labels for sodium content. Look for the words salt, soda or sodium on the list of ingredients. If these words are among the first five listed, the food is high in sodium.

Limit seasonings and condiments that are high in sodium such as:

Garlic Salt

Hot Sauce

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Morton's Lite Salt 1tsp = 1110 mg of sodium

Nature's Seasons 1tsp = 1300mg of sodium

Onion Salt

Salt 1 tsp = 2325 mg of sodium

Soy Sauce

Steak Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

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