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What Is The Good Diet For Kidney Patient

2018-07-08 11:09

With the improvement of the condition, after the urine volume increases and edema subsides, in order to replenish a large amount of lost protein in urine in time, it can gradually transition to a high-quality and high-protein diet. If accompanied by anemia, you can choose iron-rich food, such as animal blood, animal liver, lean meat, black beans, black fungus, sesame paste and so on.

1, spora lygodii and Coix Seed porridge. spora lygodii 15g, Coix Seed 90 g, proper amount of sugar. Add water to the spora lygodii, fry a bowl of juice, add the water and the Coix into the pot, boiled porridge three bowls, and then a bowl of mixed with medicine evenly, add the amount of sugar. It can be ate as staple food. It is good for spleen, and diuretic, pass the stone. Applicable to chronic nephritis, kidney stones, urinary calculi, such as disease patients for therapeutic.

2, green bean porridge. 500 grams of green bean, Tetrapanax Papyriferus 30 grams, wheat 500 grams. Water 4000 ml boil Tetrapanax Papyriferus 1000 ml. after taking out the dregs, add the cleaned green bean and wheat and make porridge, till the beans, wheat are fully cooked. 2-3 times daily, can be used as staple food, spleen and stomach, to heat and dampness, can be applied to chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, Nephrotic syndrome caused by edema and other low back pain.

3. snokeweed Green bean soup. 30 grams of semen plantaginis, 60 grams of mung bean. The mung bean scouring and the semen plantaginis are put in the gauze bag, and put in the pot to add the water to boil the soup. Drink soup and eat beans. Finish eating in one day. This can clearing away heat and toxic materials, diuretic pass drench, use for chronic nephritis, and can be prostatitis patient’s dietotherapy.

4. Garlic soup with duck meat. One duck , garlic 50 grams. Removing hair and viscera from wild ducks, and clean it; Peel the garlic and put it into the belly of the duck. Cooked in a casserole. Add a little salt to the seasoning. Eating soup, can tonic deficiency, and eliminate edema. It is suitable for chronic nephritis edema.

5, pear juice drink. Snowflake Pear or Giant Duckpear. Wash and cut the pear into slices, and soak it in the cold water. Can quench thirst, promote saliva, and can be used for chronic nephritis dietotherapy.

6, Wax gourd beans porridge. Wax gourd 500 grams, red beans 30 grams. wax gourd and red beans add water to boiled soup. Do not add salt or less salt. Eat melon and drink soup 2 times daily. Benefit urine, eliminate edema, antipyretic poison, stop Diabetes. It is suitable for the patients with acute nephritis edema and less urine. Chronic nephritis with spleen and kidney deficiency and cold is not suitable for consumption.

According to the diet for the kidney patients above,we must take good care of ourselves in daily life, but only diet plan can not help the kidney patients improve the kidney function, so they must accept the reasonable treatment in time, but at present the common treatment in western medicine therapy is only dialysis and kidney transplant, but now they can consider another natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,it can help you repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function step by step, if you have any questions about that please contact us :

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