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Some Kinds Of Foods Are Harmful To Your Kidney Function

2018-11-14 13:54

To most kidney patients they must take care of these four foods which often cause kidney failure and even uremia but there are many people who eat.Thus as a kidney doctor I want to share the knowledge with you as following.

Animal brain and viscera food, can not eat much. These food contain a lot of cholesterol, which can cause damage to the kidney’. The weight of 100 grams of food, the cholesterol content of pig brain, sheep brain and bovine brain is above 2000 mg.

viscera , although less than brain, cholesterol is also 200 mg or more. Therefore, animals viscera should be eaten as little as possible, no more than 2 times a month.

The almonds that are generally bought are sweet. These are processed, delicious and nutritious. But bitter almonds that have not passed disposal are toxic, and the bitter almonds are more toxic. A few pieces may make you poisoned, which is likely to arising acute renal failure.

Of course, this is related to intake and age, but as long as you find bitter almonds, don’t eat them as well.

Bread is almost a food that everyone likes, and some office workers often eat it for breakfast. But too soft bread will add a food additive, potassium bromate, which gives the gluten intensity and the elastic and soft mouthfeel necessary for baked goods. However, excessive consumption of potassium bromate can damage the central nervous system, blood and kidneys.

No matter what kind of drink, it is actually breaking the balance of the human body. Whether it’s carbonated, sugar, caffeine, cocoa, salt or even trace element drinks, drinking it will change the original homeostasis. Most of the time, they need to be metabolized by the kidneys.

From the comments above you can know more about that food and if you have any questions about the balance of metabolism please contact us through the following:

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