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What Types Are The Toxins That Caused By The Uremia

2018-11-18 11:08

To many uremia patients they often have more discomforts and complications for the large amount toxins deposit in their body,that may affect their normal endocrine system,electrolyte balance,and I will show you that the poor kidney function can produce more than 200 kinds of toxins, the patients should know what they are.

I .Small molecule toxins;

Size: The relative molecular weight is below 500

The small molecule structure is simple;

Including: Inorganic matter: Inorganic phosphorus, hydrogen ions, some acid radicals, etc.; Organic matter: Urea, creatinine, uric acid, guanidines, phenols, amines, etc. When these substances reach a certain concentration, they will produce toxicity.

Toxicity: Creatinine can lead to lethargy, fatigue, shortening cell life and hemolysis.

Urea has neurotoxicity.

Uric acid mainly causes gout.

Phenolic acids in phenols are pseudoneurotransmitters and inhibit the central nervous system.

Hydrogen ions can cause acidosis;

Potassium ions can cause arrhythmia and even cardiac arrest.

Guanidine toxin can cause anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, peptic ulcer and hemorrhage, skin pruritus, anemia, convulsion and consciousness disorder, and impaired glucose tolerance. It can also cause pulmonary edema, pulmonary congestion, alveolar hemorrhage and myocardial degeneration, ventricular block, and cardiac insufficiency.

Polyamines in amines can cause anorexia, vomiting and proteinuria, promote erythrocyte dissolution, inhibit erythropoietin production and cause anemia. Aromatic amines inhibit brain tissue.

Second, the medium molecular toxin

Size: The relative molecular weight is 500 – 5000

The combination bond of middle molecule is more than that of small molecule

Including: Mainly various polypeptides

Toxicity: It has obvious inhibitory effect on cell generation, white blood cell phagocytosis, lymphocytes and fibroblasts. Causing peripheral neuropathy, uremic encephalopathy and impaired glucose tolerance.

Third. macromolecular toxins

Size: The relative molecular weight is over 5000

The peptide chain of macromolecular protein is extremely long,

The peptide chain is lengthened, coiled, intricate and orderly

After you have read information about these toxins you can choose the appropriate treatments according your specific condition and more natural treatments can help you discharge these toxins out of your body,then if you want to know more about the treatments please contact us through the following:

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