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Why Does Diarrhea Occur To Kidney Patient

2018-11-24 10:35

To most kidney patients they always have some discomforts ,such as headache,poor appetite,swelling and diarrhea,then why do these symptoms occur for the patients? As a kidney doctor i want to explain the reason for Diarrhea in Nephrotic Patients in TCM.

Diarrhea in liver qi invading spleen: The stomach was slightly distended and painful before diarrhea, with food not completely digested under diarrhea, and the pain did not decrease or increase after diarrhea. Every time it is induced by mental stimulation or emotional tension, the two sides are distended and stuffy or painful, and at the same time, they suffer from anorexia, acid regurgitation, belching and veining. The tongue is reddish and fur less, and the pulse is weak.

Diarrhea due to hot junction bypass: The common stool purges yellow, smelly and watery or pure green and watery, causing pain around the umbilicus, abdominal obstruction or palpation, fullness in the stomach, loss of appetite, short and red urine, yellow and greasy tongue coating, and deep and slippery pulse.

Diarrhea due to spleen deficiency: When defecating, loose stools and watery diarrhea occur. When eating raw, cold, greasy or hard – to – digest food, diarrhea aggravates, even when the grain is not melted, or like duck dung, abdominal pain, liking heat and pressing, anorexia, swelling after eating, sallow complexion, tiredness and exhaustion. The tongue is light and fat with white fur and thin pulse.

Diarrhea due to kidney deficiency: Before dawn, the pain around the umbilicus, the bowel sounds and purges, the pain decreases after purgation, the stool is thin, and indigestible food is often found. Waist and abdomen are chilly, limbs are not warm, urine is clear, or urine is increased at night. The tongue is light and fat, with many teeth marks, and the pulse is heavy, thin and weak.

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