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Creatinine Level is 6.5 with CKD How to Reduce It without Dialysis

2014-03-27 01:27

Creatinine Level is 6.5 with CKD How to Reduce It without DialysisWhen creatinine level is 6.5 with CKD, patient is usually suggested to start dialysis or reduce the high level. While, is there any alternative treatment option? The answer is 'YES'. The latest Blood Pollution Therapy is just a good choice of natural treatment.

How serious is creatinine 6.5 with CKD?

Generally speaking, people with this diagnosis have entered into End Stage Renal Disease with loss of most kidney function. As the severely damaged kidneys fail to remove toxic substances, high level of waste products such as creatinine and blood urea, etc will build up within the body. A condition known as "uremia" may be caused. If not treated or not controlled well, the disorder can be life-threatening.

Alternative to dialysis for creatinine level is 6.5 with CKD

As a kind of renal replacement therapy, dialysis is just a symptomatic treatment which can function to lower high creatinine level and relieve the severe symptoms. But it fails to improve the kidney damage.

Blood Pollution Therapy is a systematic treatment with aims to clear up all of the toxins and wastes, supplement essential elements to restore the body's physiological mechanism, and repair the damaged renal inherent cells and tissues. Under this natural treatment, kidneys will work better and better. Then elevated creatinine level can be lowered fundamentally. In this case, patients can stay away from dialysis and live a normal, long life with their own kidneys.

If you or someone you know is suffering from creatinine level is 6.5 with CKD and would like to find alternative natural treatment without dialysis, you are recommended to consider taking Blood Pollution Therapy to expect better outlook. Still have any question? Please leave your doubt in the following message board or Email us at kidney-support@hotmail.com.

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