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How to Improve Kidney Function in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

2015-10-29 16:41

How to Improve Kidney Function in Stage 3 Kidney DiseaseHow to improve kidney function in stage 3 kidney disease? kidney function can reflect the kidneys’ condition directly, and for patients who are in stage 3 kidney disease their kidney function is lower than the normal values. So they are very concerned to the ways of improving the kidney function.

How to improve kidney function in kidney disease ?

As a kidney disease patient if you want to improve the lower kidney function level you should take some therapies which are helpful for repair the damaged kidneys. Full Bath Therapy as one of the innovation of Chinese Medicine, it can help you to achieve this goal.

How can Full Bath Therapy improve kidney function ?

Discharging toxin—discharge toxic pathogen in the meridians and visceral

Full bath with Chinese medicine is to decoct medicines that can discharge and blend them into medicinal soup, then to let patients enter into the soup to bath fully in sufficient time, which can make ingredients in medicines immerse into body striae, enter into meridians and viscera, open pores and bladder, and discharge toxic pathogen in meridians and viscera through sweat and urine.

Action principle

With the aid of warm gas in medicines and medicinal soup, promote flow of meridians and qi and blood, make pores open and acupoints unimpeded.

The medicines for full bath permeate into striae and meridians through pores and acupoints, enter into viscera along meridians, disperse lung and open orifice, warm kidney and strengthen yang. With such actions, they can restore dispersing and descending of lung as well as steaming and transforming of kidney, discharge toxic pathogen in meridians through sweat and in viscera through urine.

If you want to know more information about Full Bath Therapy or want to improve your kidney function in kidney disease, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

Our email: kidney-support@hotmail.com

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