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TCM Is Effective To Body Odor of Kidney Patients

2018-07-11 11:06

To kidney disease patients ,for the poor kidney function more and more toxins deposit in their body and it is easy to produce some odor in their body, then it will affect their spirit and soul,and fear to contact with other persons,and at the same time the strange smell in their body means their kidney condition is in bad stage,and need the timely treatment, to these problems the western medicine can do less effect to the smell,and the Traditional Chinese Medicine has great advantage to eliminate the smell and restore the kidney function from the root,The following comments can explain the course of treatment with Traditional Chinese medicines.

Traditional Chinese medicine- smell

The smell of the diseased body is mainly caused by the special smell of sweat fumigated by damp-heat pathogens. At the same time, it can also be caused by the bad sores and festering sores somewhere in the person and the effluvium from the pus.

The smell of the diseased body is mainly caused by the special smell of sweat fumigated by damp-heat pathogens. At the same time, it can also be caused by the bad sores and festering sores somewhere in the person and the effluvium from the pus. After the human body is sick, sweat is the way for pathogens to go out. Because of the different pathogens, the smell produced by the disease body is also different. clinically, we can judge the nature of pathogens according to the smell of the disease body.

body foul smell

[ Sniffing ] the body smelled of urine.

[ Clinical significance ] this is a crisis of internal attack of water vapor and decline of essence and qi of viscera. Common in renal failure and uremia. Patients often have edema of the whole body, large abdomen, little or no urine, which is caused by the discharge of toxic pathogens from sweat.

【 treatment method 】 the corresponding treatment method and prescription should be selected according to the clinical specific disease syndrome.

body fishy smell

[ Sniffing ] the sick body smells fishy.

acupoint therapy in beijing tongshantang hospital of TCM

【 clinical significance 】 this is mostly seen in patients with cold and dampness or deficient cold. Often due to exogenous cold and dampness, or deficiency of yang in the body. Due to yin and cold in the body. If you bet on cold and dampness, you will smell fishy. Cold, damp and spleen – feces loss and fishy; Deficiency cold in the spleen and stomach makes vomit clear and thin and smells fishy. Fishy smell can be caused by the smell of secretions and excrement being distributed to the body.

【 treatment 】 for those with cold and dampness, the spleen should be warmed to eliminate dampness, and the recipe should be modified with lei Xiang Zheng qi San. For deficiency cold, it is appropriate to warm yang and strengthen spleen. The recipe is modified with Fuzi Lizhong decoction.

At present the special natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped more and more foreign kidney patients get rid of the suffering of kidney disease. If you have some questions about the natural treatment with herbal medicine or want to know more detailed information about the natural treatment please contact us through the following message:

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