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The Basic Principle Of Chinese Herbal Medicine To Treat Chronic Nephritis

2018-08-07 10:11

The basic pathogenesis of chronic nephritis is deficiency of spleen and kidney, dampness and turbidity are accumulating in the body, qi stagnation and blood stasis. Therefore, the thought of conditioning is both to attack and tonify, invigorate the spleen and kidney, promote diuresis and eliminate turbidity, regulate qi and remove blood stasis.

For the treatment of chronic nephritis, it is the most important to protect the spleen and stomach and maintain healthy qi. The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow and the source of qi and blood biochemistry of human body. Deficiency of the spleen and stomach results in insufficient qi and blood production, and the body is not nourished, resulting in numerous diseases. Therefore, invigorating the spleen is the key to treat all diseases and the basis for preventing all diseases. The stomach is the sea of water and grain. The spleen governs transportation and transformation. It moves fluid for the stomach, which is closely related to the metabolism of human body water fluid. The spleen centers on the main soil, controls the water ways of the whole body, whose loses health and transportation will cause the water to stop wet and become edema. Edema is a common manifestation of nephritis, so the treatment is mostly spleen strengthening and diuresis.

Nowadays, people generally ” eat too much, exercise too little, stress too much, sleep too late”. People’s lifestyle has changed greatly compared with before. Being in this state for a long time is bound to aggravate the load on the spleen and stomach. Over time, spleen and kidney deficiency, transportation and dereliction of duty will result in dampness and turbidity accumulation, which is the main pathogenesis of chronic nephritis. At the same time, the stagnation of liver qi makes it worse.

The spleen governs and controls, and and it mainly ascends the clear. The main mechanism of proteinuria in nephritis is spleen deficiency and dampness and turbidity accumulation, which leads to the spleen losing control and qi clearing and subsidence. Therefore, the main treatment method for proteinuria is to strengthen spleen and promote diuresis, and to promote clear and solid vision. This shows that the common method of chronic nephritis – spleen strengthening, diuresis and turbid method is not without reason. In addition, retention of dampness and turbidity in the kidney meridian can cause collateral damage over time. Blood does not flow through the meridian and overflow, resulting in hematuria. The spleen does not regulate blood and causes nephritis and hematuria. Treatment is to strengthen the spleen and take blood.

Kidney is the foundation of nature and depends on the support from the the foundation of acquired constitution. Waist soreness, lumbago, kidney deficiency, dampness and turbidity blocking channels and collaterals, and kidney meridian flowing, are pain caused by blood stasis, and excess syndrome is less than deficiency syndrome. Modern medicine has also confirmed that the mechanism of the disease is that the excess of evil is prominent and the excess of right and deficiency is the standard of excess of evil. Treatment should complement the deficiency and reduce the excess, attack and supplement the excess. Attention should be paid to complement the deficiency and not too much.So as not to block up and tonify evil, nor to purge away excess.

With the improvement of living standards, the cost increases, the pace speeds up, the pressure is high, and the mood is not smooth. The stagnation of liver qi goes against the spleen and stomach, the stagnation of liver qi aggravates the spleen deficiency, and the stagnation of worry and depression for a long time leads to stagnation of qi and blood stasis. Proteinuria is also common in clinic, and blood is prone to hypercoagulability. Treatment requires soothing the liver and regulating qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

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