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Some Principles Of TCM To Deal With Heat And Cold Syndrome

2018-10-22 14:22

To many patients they are always confused to the Traditional Chinese Medicine and then I will share some information about Cold and Heat in Syndrome Differentiation of Eight Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as following:

Cold syndrome

Main indications: Fear of cold, cold limbs, no thirst or like hot drink, white complexion, cough with white sputum, abdominal pain and like warmth, loose stool, and clear and long urine. The tongue is pale, the coating is white, and the pulse is deep and slow.

Heat syndrome

Main indications: Fever, no aversion to cold, irritability, thirst, like cold drink, red face and eyes, yellow and thick expectoration, abdominal pain, dry stool, and short and red urine. The tongue is red with yellow coating and the pulse is rapid.

. Excess heat and deficiency-heat

The syndrome of excess heat is urgent and the course of disease is short. High fever, aversion to heat, sweating. Delirious and delirious, even mad. Thristy and drink too much. Cough yellow thick sputum, pus sputum, or hemoptysis. Constipation and red urine. The face is red and the eyes are red. The tongue is red and the coating is yellow and thick. Bounding and rapid Pulse. The heat evil is blazing. Most of them are caused by heat evil ( such as infection ). ..

The onset of deficiency-heat syndrome is slow and the course of disease is long. Low fever, bone-steaming tidal fever, night sweats and sphoria with feverish sensation in chest,palms and soles, insomnia and dreaminess. Dry mouth, but not much to drink. Less sputum, sticky sputum, or bloody sputum. Fewer stool, yellow urine and less urine. Two zygomatic blushes. Red tongue with little or no coating. Small and rapid pulse. The fluid-humor depletion and debilitated appears inside. Most of them are caused by hyperfunction. The treatment is nourishing yin and clearing heat.

The excess of yang heat,, is one of the syndromes of excess heat, manifested as strong heat, thirst, reddish face and eyes, short and red urine, constipation, restlessness, dryness and heat, red tongue with yellow coating, and Bounding and rapid.

Yin fluid loss, that is, yin deficiency and internal heat generation, is one of the symptoms of deficiency heat, manifested as emaciation and weakness, five irritations and fever, hectic fever and night sweat, dry mouth and dry throat, red tongue with less coating, and thready and rapid pulse.

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