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How to Get Back The Creatinine Level 436 Normal

2018-04-20 17:31

“How to get back the creatinine level 436 normal?” If you have the similar question, welcome to talk with our Online Doctor for details directly or read the whole article.

What does creatinine level 436 means?

Creatinine level 436 refers to the stage 3 - 4 kidney disease, in which the patients will have some discomforts but usually do not threaten the lifetime. And due to the lack of effective cure in the flied of Western medicine and Chinese medicine, many doctor will ask the patients to take good care of themselves and wait for dialysis. But in fact, the patients still have possible to reverse the illness conditions in this phase.

Is dialysis a good option for rectifying high creatinine level?

To be honest, I prefer natural remedy such as Foot Bath Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Steaming Therapy and so on since the renal function will be less and less with the long time dialysis. However, dialysis is still the last method to save the patients at present.

Here I will introduce Foot Bath Therapy as an example. Foot Bath Therapy is to immerse the feet of the patients in the special medical soup made from herbs and water. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, the active substance of these herbs selected from nature in the term of the patients’ illness conditions will enter the body through the acupoints spread all over the feet, and arrive at the kidneys along the meridians. Also, these effective materials will enhance the healthy qi and blood. By this way, the kidney damage can be stopped, the inflammations can be removed, and the kidneys will begin to revive better with enough necessary things in such a salutary surrounding.

When the kidneys are renovated, the creatinine 436 will be diminished, the symptoms will be vanished, and the patients can enjoy a high quality life.

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