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Excessive Exercise Can Lead To The Renal Failure

2018-11-05 14:36

As to many young men they always think the excessive exercise can help them strengthen the muscle power,but they don’t know the harm to their health,and i want to share with you the example about Li Ming , a 25 – year – old college student, went to the gym for three days and began to feel unwell. He found his arms swollen and his urine volume decreased a lot. His urine turned red. He thought he didn’t pay attention to the strain during the exercise. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. He got the death notice at that time.

This frightened Li Ming. The doctor said that excessive exercise caused Renal failure.

How could a young man suddenly suffer from this disease and almost die of renal failure?

According to his own account, he used to exercise a lot and was in good physical condition. Later, when he was busy with his studies in Senior school, he slowly put down his exercise. Now he have more time in college. He just want to resume it. He want to exercise to make himself stronger.

The key lies in his sudden strenuous exercise, because there have been cases of renal failure caused by this kind of behavior.

Let’s talk about rhabdomyolysis first:

Why do people suffer from rhabdomyolysis? Common causes of recurrence are:

1. The intensity of exercise is too high, which is beyond the scope of the body itself, leading to the fracture and dissolution of skeletal muscle and the entry of a large amount of myoglobin into the blood.

2. Excessive consumption of seafood and drugs may also cause the disease. ..

3. Many elderly people suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The convulsions caused by these diseases will cause the muscles of the human body to move violently passively and may also cause the disease.

4. If muscle ache, muscle weakness and urine become soy sauce color suddenly, go to the hospital immediately.

According to the comments about excessive exercise harm ,you can get benefit from it and if you have any other questions please contact us through the following:

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