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The Important Tests For Diabetes Patients

2018-08-02 10:52

To a diabetes patient the test of blood and urine is very important to know about their exact condition,then the test items you must know well.

Urine sugar(U-GLU): When the blood glucose concentration increases to a certain extent, the renal tubules cannot absorb all glucose in urine back. When the urine glucose increase is positive, it is indicated by the ” +” sign in clinic. Generally speaking, urine sugar can reflect the blood sugar situation, but urine sugar is also affected by many other factors, and sometimes it is not completely consistent with blood sugar.

Glucose tolerance test ( ogtt ): The normal value was 6.7 – 9.4 mmol / l glucose for the first hour and no more then 7.8 mmol / l glucose for the second hour. After the third hour, the blood glucose returned to normal and all urine glucose was negative. When suffering from Diabetes, fasting blood glucose is higher than normal, and blood glucose ≥ 11.1 mmol / l 2 hours after taking sugar. Blood glucose (GLU): The normal value of fasting Plasma glucose ( FPG ) is 3.9 – 6.1 mmol / l; Fasting blood glucose ≥ 7 mmol / l or 2 hours after meal blood glucose ≥ 11.1 mmol/ l , which indicates diabetes; Fasting blood glucose was raised from 6.1 to 7 mmol / l is considered fasting blood glucose ( IFG ) abnormality . 2 hours after the meal, it the blood glucose was 7.8 – 11.1 mmol / l is deemed as abnormal glucose tolerance ( IGT ). IFG and IGT are at the intermediate transition stage between normal people and diabetics. This kind of person have a high-risk for diabetes.

Glycated hemoglobin ( GHb ) and fructosamine ( GSP ): GHb can reflect the average blood glucose level 2 – 3 months before blood collection, and its normal value is 4 % – 6 %. GSP only reflects the overall control of blood glucose for 2 weeks before blood collection, and its normal value is 1.5 – 2.4 mmoles / liter.

Function test of Langerhans; Usually includes

1. C peptide release test: The C peptide is directly proportional to the amount of endogenous insulin produced. The significance of this test is the same as that of the insulin release test.

2. Microalbuminuria ( MALB): In early diabetic nephropathy, urine protein tested in general is often negative and it is easy to be ignored. When protein or other abnormalities occur in urine, kidney disease mutations cannot be reversed. If MALB in urine exceeds 30 mg / 24 hours, or 20 g / min, it indicates early renal damage.

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