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Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease with Diabetes How to Treat It

2015-06-16 16:01

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease with Diabetes How to Treat ItMy husband has been diagnosed as stage 3 ckd because of Diabetes and Hypertension. Currently he has edema in his lower extremities and elevated creatinine of 3.1 or 272 with low albumin of 27. Can you help me to treat it ?

Hello madam,

At present, your husband is in stage 3 kidney disease. In clinic, it is an important transition stage in the whole process of CKD. With a systemic and effective treatment in time, his kidney damage can be reversed. Otherwise, it will progress and finally end stage kidney failure will be the final result.

You know, based on the kidney damage degree, chronic kidney disease can be divided into the following stages:

Compensatory stage of renal insufficiency

When less than 50% of nephrons become impaired, the left nephrons can do extra work to filter blood. Hence, creatinine level and BUN level will not increase. Meanwhile, the patients generally do not show any clinical symptoms.

Decompensated stage of renal insufficiency

When more than 50% of nephrons become impaired, the serum creatinine will increase to 133-442umol/L (2~5mg/dL). In this stage, the patients will suffer from swelling, fatigue, poor appetite, mild anemia etc.

Kidney failure stage

When creatinine level reaches to 442-707umol/L (5-8mg/dL), the patients will step into kidney failure stage. In this stage, the patients will experience serious anemia, electrolyte imbalance, symptoms in multiple systems and organs.

Uremia stage

In this stage, the creatinine level will increase to 707umol/L (8mg/dL). In this stage, the patients will suffer from serious symptoms in multiple body organs and systems like heart failure, digestive system, lung etc.

In your husband's case, he is in early decompensated stage of renal insufficiency. In this stage, while more than 50% of nephrons have been impaired, there are still a part of non-impaired nephrons. Therefore, it is important to protect this part of nephrons and repair those reversible nephrons. In that way, his renal function will stop deteriorating and be improved further.

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