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Why are My Legs Weak after Dialysis

2013-03-16 16:27

Why are My Legs Weak after DialysisWhy are my legs weak after dialysis? Some dialysis patients complain that they have been experiencing muscle weakness in arms and legs, where they feel might fall down and can not hold or carry things, the weakness is really debilitating. They are wondering to know the possible reasons why the legs are weak after dialysis.

* How are your labs? Do you have any pain with the weak legs? The low potassium or calcium levels can be a reason causing your weak legs. Potassium too low is almost as bad as too high.

* Muscle pain and muscle weakness can be a sign of a rare complications of statin drugs, called rhabdomyolysis. Have you had liver enzymes drawn?

* Your nutritional status might be causing muscle weakness. If your albumin is low (<4.0, especially if it is <3.5), talk with your dietitian about ways to increase it.

* L-carnitine is a substances that helps your body make energy at the cell level, while dialysis removes quite a lot of it. Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is another substance that helps mitochondrial function. If you take a statin for high cholesterol, it can deplete your CoQ10 reserves so your muscles become weak. There are a couple of studies that found that taking CoQ10 supplements can help in people on dialysis.

* Anemia is a common complication of Kidney Failure and it may cause fatigue and muscle weakness.

*Another possibility is that you might be physically debilitated, if you haven't been doing any kind of activity to keep your muscles strong. People on dialysis are more prone to losing muscle than healthy people, because uremia actually starves off some of the tiny capillary blood vessels that feed the muscles. Exercise can help you grow new capillaries so your muscles can get stronger.

Kidney disease experts say that dialysis discounts the quality of life for some Kidney Failure patients actually, though it can maintain their lives to some extent. In addition to weak legs, other complications of dialysis include low blood pressure, headache, nausea, vomiting and sleeping problems and so on. Now the clinical experience has proved that dialysis frequency can be reduced and even stopped if kidney function can be improved. Of course the treatment effect can be influenced by many factors, the free medical advices will be given after knowing more about your condition such as whether there are some complications of Kidney Failure, how long have you been on dialysis, whether you still have some urine and what your primary disease is.

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