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10% Kidney Function No Dialysis What are the Chances of Living

2013-10-27 10:55

With 10% kidney function left, patients' kidneys stop functioning properly, wastes and excess water begin to circulate in the body. Patients in this case are often kept alive by Dialysis. However, if they do not get this therapy, what are the chances of living? Let's look at this issue in details. For professional advice, chat with our online doctor now.

1. 10% kidney function no dialysis or no other forms of treatments

Without treatment, patient's body will accumulate fluid and waste products. In this case, patient's life expectancy will be shorten to a few days or a few weeks. The exact time depends on the severity of kidney damage and other health complications. To get an accurate answer in your situation, you can Email us at kidney-support@hotmail.com with your test report. We will reply you soon!

2. 10% kidney function no dialysis but with alternative treatment options

Currently, available alternative treatments for this disease include Stem Cells, Blood Pollution Therapy, and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. All these therapies are natural remedies with no side effect to human body, so they are safe for most patients.

With timely taking these treatments, patients' kidney damage will not deteriorate further and remaining kidney function can be improved. So both their quality of life and life span can be significantly improved.

Now we can see that even without dialysis, people who have 10% kidney function left can still live a good, long life without worrying about their life expectancy. With the advancement of modern medical technology, more and more miracles will be created as long as we are always endeavor to fighting against kidney disease. In case you are interested to know more detailed information about alternative treatments or still have any question, feel free to leave a message in the below. Take care please!

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