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Why the Kidneys Goes Failure after Transplanted and How to Prevent It

2015-07-01 15:18

Why the Kidneys Goes Failure after Transplanted and How to Prevent ItWhy the kidneys goes failure after transplanted and how to prevent it ? As we all know, renal transplant is one of the most effective treatment for kidney failure. After transplant, the patient may live like a normal person, except the medicines they have to take. However, not all the patients are lucky enough, some of the patient may face kidney failure again.

Why the kidneys goes failure after transplanted ?

To be frankly, the kidney damage is due to chronic rejection. In general, that would happen ten years after the transplantation. Obviously, this transplanted kidney does not tally with his immune system. For such cases, immune response or inflammatory response is active within his body, which produces many immune complexes. These immune complexes circulate with blood flow, and they can deposit within kidneys, thus inflammatory response Within kidneys become strong and this cause kidney damage.

How to prevent the transplanted kidney goes failure ?

In general, doctors will try to adjust anti-rejection medicines to control this active inflammatory response. But to solve this problem completely, we still need to add two aspects. One is adjusting the immunity, instead of only Suppressing it. The second is cleaning out these deposited immune complexes as well as cleaning out these circulating immune complexes (CIC).

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