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What To Do to Improve Kidney Function 32% in Stage 3 CKD for My Father

2017-11-12 11:09

What To Do to Improve Kidney Function 32% in Stage 3 CKD for My FatherGuest 11-07 08:19:02

Diabetic father, 71 y/o with elevated creatinine levels, stage 3 CKD and GFR 32. What to do to improve kidney function?

kidney-expert 11-07 08:19:24

GFR is the short name of Glomerular Filtration Rate which is usually used to describe the flowed rate of the filtered fluid through our kidneys. In my view, his GFR level is too low, which means much toxins and wastes have been retained in the body. Then, does he have any symptoms? Like back pain, swelling, protein or blood in urine?

Guest 11-07 08:20:13

Yes, why? Diabetic really controlled. Have swelling in ankles at end of the day and pain in back. Both sides pain in back. No protein or blood in urine.

kidney-expert 11-07 08:20:57

I see. These are complications of kidney damage. And it is good that your father control the blood sugar well, as the high blood sugar is one of the main reasons leading to kidney damage. Is he taking any treatment for this case?

Guest 11-07 08:21:07


kidney-expert 11-07 08:21:20

Got it. Please do not worry. He is in the key time to recover the damaged kidneys and return to the normal life. But, if he does not keep an eyes on his illness condition and receive some effective managements, his kidney will be damaged more and dialysis will be needed in the near further.

Guest 11-07 08:21:41

Currently seeing a nephrologist who just wants to monitor condition. Why are creatinine levels increasing, doctor says they are high? What treatment is recommended?

kidney-expert 11-07 08:21:55

Creatinine is considered as an elevation index of the kidney function clinically. When the kidney is damaged badly, the creatinine level will go up to higher and higher. Have you heard about Chinese medicine, which contains Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Foot Bath and so on?

kidney-expert 11-07 08:22:00

And it can not make clear in a few word. We can send you some medicines, diet plan and natural treatment suggestions to help you improve the kidney function and GFR level. Can you give me your personal contact information to send the details?

Guest 11-07 08:22:33

E-mail is, whatsapp. Thank you in advance.

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