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The Safe And Efficient Treatment for FSGS

2013-01-01 08:57

What Is The Safe And Efficient Treatment for FSGS? FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is such a disease which attacks the glomeruli causing scarring. Because the filtering system of kidneys is damaged, proteinuria becomes a very common symptom of FSGS. FSGS is one of the causes of a serious condition known as Nephrotic Syndrome. Here we will see the safe and efficient treatment for FSGS.

As to the common treatments for FSGS in many countries, usually a steroid called prednisone or prednisolone, is given to control proteinuria, and also a medication that blocks a hormone system called the rennin angiotensin system (ACE inhibitor or ARB) to control blood pressure or proteinuria. Besides, medications that suppress patients’ immune system will be used, and diuretics and low salt diet help to control edema. Of course FSGS patients are suggested to maintain a healthy diet and do some mild exercising.

These common treatments for FSGS can help a part of patients control the condition well. However, FSGS itself is not easy to treat, there still has lots of proteinuria even though patients take these western medicines. In that case, a part of FSGS patients will develop Renal Failure, then they have to undergo dialysis treatment or receive a kidney transplant at that time. About 50% of FSGS cases will relapse after a period of time of receiving kidney transplant.

Then how to help this group of FSGS patients who don’t respond to these medicines well? Experts recommend Chinese herbal medicines which are regarded as the safe and efficient treatment for FSGS in China. As we all know, Chinese herbal medicines have been used in China for over thousands of years, the achievement of Chinese herbal medicines in treating FSGS and other kidney diseases should be seen by the whole world, not only in China. Different kinds of different functions, like Astragalus membranaceus has an obvious effect treating proteinuria, pseudo-ginseng can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis and stop bleeding at the same time, which can not be done by western medicines. Some Chinese herbal medicines can provide the nutrition for damaged kidneys, which can repair the kidney damage and enhance kidney function. In that case, Renal Failure can be avoided efficiently. If you still have some questions about treatment for FSGS, we will always be here helping you.

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