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How to Treat the Edema Caused by Hypertensive Nephropathy

2012-11-26 16:59

Most of Hypertensive Nephropathy patients have different degrees of renal edema. Edema, as an early symptom, can cause difficult breath, umbilical hernia or mild azotemia and all of these diseases can threaten our life. Since renal edema is so dangerous, we must pay high attention to it.

Why do so many Hypertensive Nephropathy patients have edema?

Once Hypertensive Nephropathy patients have edema, their glomerular filtration barrier is very likely damaged. According to the kidney disease diagnosis and "renal fibrosis theory", patients’ glomerular pathological damage belongs to the process of renal fibrosis, so renal fibrosis is the pathological root of renal edema. These patients’ edema can’t really disappear, if their renal fibrosis develops. Therefore, kidney experts explore a treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to block the process of renal fibrosis.

How can this therapy help to treat the edema caused by Hypertensive Nephropathy?

Firstly, it can expand patients’ blood vessels to eliminate renal edema. Because of many pathogenic factors like immune complex precipitation, glomerular filtration barrier is damaged gradually. Enough nutrition can help the damaged glomerulus is repaired by itself. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can increase the renal blood supply through expanding renal arteries. After the glomerular filtration barrier can play its normal function, redundant water, sodium and protein can’t be held up in the body any more and then the renal edema will disappear, too.

Secondly, blood coagulation mechanism can be activated and microthrombus will form to block the normal blood activities, when the glomerular filtration barrier is damaged. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can make renal edema disappear through inhibiting the formation of blood clots and recover the blood normal activities.

Finally, immune complexes in the kidney are also a hinder to eliminate the edema. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy through degradation can help these Hypertensive Nephropathy patients to remove these complexes.

To treat the edema caused by Hypertensive Nephropathy, the patient should accept the correct treatment timely. The earlier they consult the doctor and get treatment, the sooner they will get rid of disease. Please take your time.

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