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What Kinds Of Reasonable Diet Should Be Followed By Hypertensive Nephropathy

2019-01-08 13:40

Hypertensive Nephropathy,Reasonable DietHypertensive Nephropathy is a common kidney disease. Hypertensive nephropathy has many hazards. Hypertension increases blood pressure in blood vessels, which can cause protein leakage. Once the protein leaks out, it will destroy the filter system of the kidney and cause a vicious circle. So how to prevent the occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy? What should we pay attention to in diet?

1. Hypertensive nephropathy patients should give up bad eating habits. Under the guidance of professional doctors, we should analyze our own diet, change bad eating habits and limit certain foods, so as to meet the nutritional requirements and improve the quality of life.

2. Hypertensive nephropathy patients should control calorie intake. Hypertensive nephropathy patients should set their own calorie supplement according to their own conditions, generally to maintain the ideal weight as the standard. Because these patients often have disorders of lipid metabolism, reducing fat intake can not only help control calories, but also improve metabolic disorders.

3. Hypertensive nephropathy patients with low salt, high vitamin diet. Patients with hypertensive nephropathy should control salt intake, eat less salted food, and eat less food with preservatives. Adequate intake of vitamins, especially B vitamins, is beneficial to regulating metabolism in the body, and vitamin supplements can be taken when necessary.

4. Hypertensive nephropathy patients need to control the intake of protein. Hypertensive nephropathy patients usually have impaired kidney function, but if the intake of protein is too high, it will increase the burden of kidney and aggravate kidney damage. If the intake is insufficient, it will affect the nutritional supply of * Therefore, patients should decide the protein intake according to the status of renal function: without obvious renal impairment, the protein intake should be controlled at about 50 g per day; if there are obvious abnormalities such as serum creatinine and urea nitrogen, the protein intake should be reduced to 20-40 g per day.

It is our very important task to pay attention to hypertension and nephropathy, and to the kidney condition of hypertensive patients. Nowadays, there are not many patients who can pay attention to hypertensive nephropathy in time. Some patients blindly take antihypertensive drugs and do not adjust the treatment plan. When chronic renal failure and uremia occur, they have lost the best treatment opportunity, which is really regrettable.

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