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The Manifestation And Treatment Of Membranous Patients

2018-08-01 10:50

To most membranous patients many factors will show their condition and we must know about it clearly.Clinical manifestations of membranous Nephritis

1. age

It is common for people over 40 years old, and the onset of illness is often hidden.

2. Nephrotic syndrome

The clinical manifestations are nephrotic syndrome ( massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, high edema, hyperlipidemia ), or asymptomatic proteinuria that is not nephrotic.

3. microscopic hematuria

Can be accompanied by a small amount of microscopic hematuria.

4. hypertension and / or renal damage

Some patients were accompanied by hypertension and / or renal damage.

5. signs

Edema of the lower limbs or face may occur in the abdominal cavity and chest cavity when it is serious, mostly leakage. Some patients may have no clinical symptoms, and proteinuria was found during routine physical examination.

Diagnosis of chronic nephritis

Diagnosis depends on clinical manifestations and pathological changes of renal biopsy. The pathological changes of renal biopsy are as follows:

1. light microscope

Basement membrane lesions in glomerular capillary loops are characteristic changes of membranous nephropathy. Glomeruli were free of proliferative and inflammatory exudative lesions. In the late stage, the mesangial region may be widened and segmental cell proliferation may occur. It can also be manifested as the segment of glomerular capillary loop collapsing, discarding, or even the whole glomerulus being damaged.

2. immunopathology

IgG is distributed along glomerular capillary loops in granular form. Most patients may be accompanied by C3 deposition, while IgM and IgA deposition are visible in a few cases.

3. electron microscopy


Electron dense deposit was seen on the epithelial side of basement membrane of glomerular capillary loops. Phase I: The electron density on the epithelial side is small and scattered, and the basement membrane structure is complete. In Phase II, the dense substance on the epithelial side increased, and the basement membrane-like substance proliferated, forming nail processes protruding toward the epithelial side. Phase iii: The substrate film-like substance further wraps the electron dense substance into the memberance, and the substrate memberance is obviously thickened and irregularly layered. Phase iv: Electron dense substances in the basement membrane began to absorb, showing electron transparent areas, and the basement membrane showed worm-eaten like changes. If electron dense matter is seen in the mesangial region and subcutaneous tissue, attention should be paid to the existence of secondary causes.

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