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Some Manifestations Of Polycystic Kidney Disease Should Be Paid Attention

2018-12-02 10:50

To most polycystic patients they are always suffering from it and they should know more about the clinical manifestations of polycystic kidney disease,then they can accept the reasonable treatment in hospital.

1. Kidney enlargement: The renal diseases on both sides have developed asymmetrically and differ in size. The two kidneys can occupy the whole abdominal cavity in the late stage, and there are many cysts on the surface of the kidneys, making the kidneys irregular, uneven and hard.

2. Pain in kidney area: For its important symptoms, it is often a tight feeling or dull pain in the back and waist, but also has severe pain, sometimes abdominal pain, which can be aggravated by physical activity, long walking time, sedentary life, etc., and can be relieved after bed rest. Internal bleeding in the kidney, stone movement or infection are also the causes of sudden severe pain.

3. Polycystic liver: About half of ADPKD patients found in middle age that they have polycystic liver, and about 70 % after the age of 60 do. It is generally believed that the development of ADPKD is slow and about 10 years later than polycystic kidney. The cyst is formed by dilatation of the labyrinthine bile duct. In addition, cysts can also occur in pancreas and ovary, with a high complication rate of colonic diverticulum.

4, Renal insufficiency: Sooner or later, renal insufficiency will occur in this disease. In some cases, renal failure will occur in adolescence. Generally, there will be few renal failure before the age of 40, and about half of the patients will still maintain renal function at the age of 70. However, the progress of hypertension to renal failure will be greatly shortened, and some patients will still maintain renal function at the age of 80.

5. Hematuria: About half of the patients presented with microscopic hematuria and could have paroxysmal macroscopic hematuria, which was caused by the rupture of blood vessels in the cyst wall. Hematuria often accompanied by leucocyte urine and albuminuria, with a small amount of urine protein, generally not exceeding 1.0g / d, with obvious pyuria, aggravated hematuria and low back pain accompanied by fever.

6. Hypertension: As a common manifestation of ADPKD, about half of the patients developed hypertension before serum creatinine increased, which is related to the compression of surrounding tissues by cysts and activation of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Graham PC, Torrev and Chapman AB all confirmed the increase of renin granules in normal tissues in the kidney, adjacent stroma of cysts and epithelial cells of cysts, and the increase of renin secretion, which are closely related to the growth of cysts and the occurrence of hypertension, in other words, the rapid growth of cysts in patients with hypertension can directly affect the prognosis.

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