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The Symptoms And Treatment of Renal Cyst

2018-07-03 11:45

To many kidney cyst patients at the early stage of renal cyst they often feel normal and no any discomforts at all.For the renal cyst can affect the kidney glomeruli’s work through occupying their space, but why doesn’t the discomforts appear obviously?Due to the strong compensatory function of the kidney, patients with renal cysts usually do not have obvious symptoms of discomfort. Even if some patients happen to have back pain, they are often overlooked because of stress in life and work. Because of the neglect of symptoms, kidney cysts are often enlarged in the body and pressed to the kidneys, which can damage the kidney structure and reduce the number of nephrons. At this time, kidney failure occurs. If kidney cyst patients reach the point of kidney failure, it will be very difficult to treat. This shows that early diagnose of the symptoms of renal cysts is very important. What are the symptoms of renal cyst?

The symptoms of kidney cysts mainly include the following:

One, waist, abdominal discomfort or pain: The swelling and expansion of the cysts increases the tension of the renal capsular, pulls the renal pedicles, or pressurizes adjacent organs. Pain is characterized by pain, dullness, and is fixed to one or both sides, and radiation to the lower and lower back. If there is intracapsular hemorrhage or secondary infection, it will suddenly increase the pain.

Second, the abdominal mass: Sometimes the main reason for patient visits, 60%-80% of patients can touch the enlarged kidney. In general, the larger the renal mass, the worse the renal function.

Third, high blood pressure. Cysts oppress the kidneys, causing kidney ischemia and increased secretion of renin, causing high blood pressure.

Fourth, hematuria: Can be expressed as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria, attack was cyclical. The cause of bleeding is due to a large number of arteries under the sac wall. Due to increased pressure or co-infection, cystic wall blood vessels rupture due to excessive traction.

Fifth. Proteinuria: 24 hours of urine will not exceed 2g.

Patients should pay attention: Early renal cysts are usually asymptomatic and are most often found by chance during physical examination. Only some cysts that are too large or oppressed into the ureter will show obvious symptoms. Therefore, if you find that you have these symptoms, it means that your cyst is very large and you must go to the hospital for treatment. In western medicine the treatment is to accept the surgery to get rid of renal cyst, but after a while the cyst will occur again, why? The cyst is caused by the abnormal renal tubular epithelial cells, the cells will secret the liquid in the cyst space and then the cyst will grow up to affect the glomeruli’s work, the surgery can remove the cyst quickly, but it will damage the tubular function and can not prevent it grow up again. So i suggest the patients can consider another alternative natural treatment which has been researched for many years by kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most advantage of this treatment is no any side effect to patients, and it can shrink the cyst from root ,and after the natural treatment the cyst will never grow up again. If you want to know more detailed information about the natural treatment, please contact us through the following :

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