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Some Symptoms Of Kidney Cysts In Early Stage

2018-10-02 11:37

As to most kidney cyst patients they must know what are the early symptoms of kidney cysts ,and that is very beneficial to their health of kidney,and once they find the early symptoms they can solve it in time to avoid the furthermore damage.

1. Waist, abdominal discomfort or pain: Pain is characterized by dull pain, fixed on one or both sides, radiating to the lower and lower back. If there is intracapsular hemorrhage or secondary infection, the pain will suddenly increase. Renal colic can occur if the blood clot blocks the urinary tract after merging stones or bleeding. However, the early symptoms of this renal cyst are often caused by other reasons, so they are often ignored.

2, hematuria: Can be chracterasticed as microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria. The episode is periodic. Low back pain is often exacerbated during seizures, and strenuous exercise, trauma, and infection can be induced or aggravated. The reason for the bleeding is because there are many arteries under the wall of the capsule. Due to the increase of pressure or the infection, the blood vessels in the wall are ruptured due to excessive pulling.

3, abdominal mass: Sometimes the main cause of patient visits, 60% to 80% of patients can reach the enlarged kidney. In general, the larger the kidney, the worse the kidney function. Due to the cyst occupying and compressing, the normal kidney tissue is significantly reduced, and the renal function is progressively reduced.

4, proteinuria: In the early symptoms of renal cysts, proteinuria is not obvious, and the general amount is not much. It will not exceed 2g in 24 hours. No Nephrotic syndrome will occur.

5, high blood pressure: Because high blood pressure is not a independent symptom of kidney cysts, there are many situations that are overlooked. The solid cyst compresses the kidney, causing renal ischemia, causing increased renin secretion and causing hypertension. When kidney function is normal, more than 50% of patients have hypertension, and the incidence of hypertension is higher when renal dysfunction occurs.

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