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A Natural Treatment for Parapelvic Kidney Cysts

2013-01-26 11:01

Natural Treatment for Parapelvic Kidney Cysts“My doctor told me that my ultrasound test shows I have parapelvic kidney cysts one week ago. Unfortunately, surgery is dangerous for me to remove the enlarged cysts, because they are closely interlinked with my pelvis and calyces. Therefore, my doctor suggests me to find a natural treatment for parapelvic kidney cysts. I wonder whether there is such a treatment for me.” A kindly woman asked me yesterday. The following is my answer, and I hope it can not only help her but also other people who have a similar experience.

To know the answer, we had better have a comprehensive understanding about parapelvic cysts.

Generally, simple parapelvic cysts don’t need specific treatments unless some symptoms appear or they grow larger than 5cm. Symptoms such as back pain, hematuria, high blood pressure, high fever, etc, all reminder people that they should take some methods to control their cysts. According to the individual condition, a natural treatment, combing the essence of different herbal medicines, is able to help treat these cysts.

How does this treatment play its role?

Since simple parapelvic kidney cysts are filled with clear fluid, the key principle of shrinking them is to discharge the sac fluid and blocking their fluid source. According to this principle, a natural treatment for parapelvic kidney, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, can be helpful. On the one hand, this treatment uses correct joint effect of different oral herbal medicines, in order to improve the permeability of cyst walls and block the fluid supplement to parapelvic kidney cysts. As a result, the sac fluid will be discharged out of the body without any supplement and these cysts will be shrunk naturally.

On the other hand, some external application medicines are used to strengthen the effects, through medical bath or other methods, and help improve these people’s immunity. Since people with simple parapelvic kidney cysts may be vulnerable to infections, an improved immunity is able to help them live healthier.

If you have any other follow-up questions about this natural treatment for parapelvic kidney cysts, you can consult online or writing it down in the form below. We will try our best to give you a satisfied answer for free.

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