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After Puncture Treatment To Kidney Cyst Patients What Should Be Paid Attention To

2018-08-19 10:46

The puncture treatment is one of the treatment methods of kidneycyst and one of the treatment methods of western medicine. After puncture treatment, patients must do a good job in postoperative care of kidneycyst. So what should be paid attention to in puncture of kidneycyst?

First, kidneycyst puncture biopsy indications

kidneydamage caused by diffuse lesions, kidneycyst puncture such as various glomeruloNephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, systemic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and Henoch-Schonlein purpura are considered. Hematuria of unknown cause by kidneycyst puncture is excluded as non-glomerular hematuria. Continuous proteinuria due to unexplained kidneycyst puncture. kidneycyst biopsy should be performed as early as possible in patients with kidneyinsufficiency, especially acute onset of disease and suspected acute nephritis. Considered hereditary nephritis. After kidney transplantation, etc. These are all indications for kidneybiopsy.

Second, kidneycyst puncture biopsy complications

Hematuria: Almost every case has hematuria under the microscope. kidneycyst puncture usually disappears by itself within 1 to 2 days. The occurrence rate of gross hematuria is 2 % ~ 12 %. kidneycyst puncture lasts for about 1 ~ 3 days and can be converted to microscopic hematuria without special treatment, bed rest can be prolonged. Other rare complications of kidneycyst puncture include: Perikidneyhematoma, infection, arteriovenous etc. However, with the continuous improvement of kidneycyst puncture and kidneycyst puncture methods, the success rate and safety of kidneycyst puncture are greatly improved and the complications are gradually reduced.

What are the precautions after puncture treatment of kidneycyst? I believe you have a general understanding of the relevant issues concerning matters needing attention after puncture of kidneycyst. There are many methods for treating kidneycyst, and you can make a choice according to your own condition.

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