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Hypertension May Influence The Kidney Function Severely For Long Term

2018-09-04 10:51

To many hypertension patients there is always some damage to their kidney and lead to the nephropathy,and the treatment is very key to stabilize their blood pressure,thus their kidney can be treated to improve the function and clear toxins from it.The renal involvement of hypertension is a relatively long process.

Generally speaking, the renal involvement of hypertension is a relatively long process. Pathological studies have proved that the damage of hypertension to the kidney is mainly started from small arteries, and there is no obvious change in the morphology and function of the kidney in the early stage. At first, the small renal arteries became hardened and narrowed, causing progressive renal ischemia. some renal units became glassy, while others normal renal units became compensatory hypertrophy. With the continuous development of the disease, the surface of the kidney is granular and the cortex becomes thinner. Due to the continuous destruction of the nephron, the kidney shrinks, which in turn leads to renal insufficiency and develops into Uremia. Renal insufficiency is harmful to health. What should be done to prevent renal insufficiency?

Due to the strong compensatory ability of the kidney, the only symptom that can reflect the disorder of renal self-regulation at first is the increase of nocturia. However, during routine urine tests, red blood cells, proteinuria+ and cast may be seen under the microscope. When renal function is not fully compensated, the symptoms are polyuria, thirst, and excessive drinking due to the reduced renal concentration. the proportion of urine is low and fixed at around 1.010. When renal insufficiency develops further, urine volume decreases obviously, non-protein nitrogen, creatinine and urea nitrogen in blood increase, edema of the whole body occurs, electrolyte disorder and acid-base balance disorder occur.X – ray or b – ultrasonic examination showed a slight symmetrical reduction of bilateral kidneys. Selective renal arteriography can show different degrees of stenosis in the renal artery.

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