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What Are Kidney Shrinkage Causes

2013-01-23 08:40

Kidney Shrinkage is commonly found out by ultrasound and occurs with different kidney diseases such as Renal Failure, chronic glomerulonephritis, congenital renal agenesis, etc. If kidneys shrink seriously, they can’t do their job normally. Knowing the kidney shrinkage causes is able to help select right treatment.

As the person is diagnosed with kidney shrinkage, he should first consider congenital renal agenesis. If only one kidney is shrunk but the other is normal, the patients can still live a normal life, otherwise, some symptoms will appear. The reason is that, our kidneys can do a perfect job even though part of kidney function has lost.

The second cause is kidney disease such as Renal Failure and Chronic Glomerulonephritis. Kidney shrinkage is linked closely with kidney function, that is to say, with loss of kidney function, kidney will be smaller. At this time, some other symptoms including high creatinine level, high blood urea nitrogen, fatigue, etc, are more likely to occur.

Nephrotuberculosis and renal artery stenosis are also kidney shrinkage causes. When people are diagnosed with these diseases, they should also pay attention to kidney shrinkage. However, to the person who doesn’t do exam regularly, they may miss the best time to get treatment. In view of this, the following symptoms help them find their disease earlier and detect the exact causes.

◆ Nausea and vomiting: too much toxins building up in the body will make patient feel nausea and vomiting.

◆ Swelling: fluid retention and sodium imbalance will cause swelling in the lower legs, feet, ankles or around eyes.

◆ High blood pressure: it is also one kidney shrinkage symptoms.

◆ Hematuria: when patients are suffering from some infections such as urinary tract infections, hematuria will occur.

The kidney shrinkage causes and symptoms are able to help patients get correct treatment. If you are suffering from it and are eager to find a treatment, you can get more information from “what is kidney shrinkage treatment” or consult online.

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