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Eight Things Can Help You Prevent Kidney Disease

2012-09-11 11:52

No. 1-- drinks more

Drinking ample water each day is the best thing you can do to prevent kidney disease. 8 to 10 glasses of water is recommended by Mayo Clinic. One thing you need to bear in mind is that beverage is by no means fluids we recommended. Beverage can include coffee, milk, fruit juice, tea or soda etc., but none of them could replace pure water.

Excessive water consumption is usually responsible for electrolyte disorders. It can be deadly when not treated properly since Acute Renal Failure could happen.

No. 2—stays active

Intensive exercises may not be your optimal choice but moderate does. Taking exercises 30 minutes per day and five or six times a week could help boost your immune system as well as keep the body functioning well.

No. 3—stays alert for your urine changes

Taking urine test from time to time or paying extra attention to your urine benefits. This is because urine is closely associated with kidneys, so by detecting the changes of your urine could possibly help find out the problem as early as possible. Take foamy or bubbly urine for example, foamy urine gives the hint of protein leakage. Any of the changes that bothers you, see your doctor to find out why.

No. 4—regular physical examination

The fixed medical examination helps you make sure that everything goes well. Your blood pressure and blood sugar will be measured. It is especially important for people with family histories because high blood pressure and Diabetes are the two biggest culprits leading to kidney disease.

Restricting salt or sodium intake helps maintain a normal blood pressure but don’t cut it out of your diet entirely.

No. 5—follows a right diet

Like I just said before, eating food high in sodium or salt has no good to one’s kidney health. Others include limit the intake of phosphorus, potassium, fat and the consumption of high quality protein foods.

No. 6—avoid nephrotoxic drugs

Nephrotoxic drugs could induce Acute Renal Failure under serious conditions. Some certain medications damage your kidneys without letting you know. They are painkillers, antibiotics and some certain traditional Chinese Medicines etc. Ask your nephrologists if you have confusions.

No. 7—stays away from infections and flu

Here’s an example, a great deal of nephrotic syndrome patients suffer from recurrence or develop the disease after getting flu. Therefore, keeping warm and getting enough rest matter.

No. 8—watches out other illness conditions

High blood pressure, diabetes, gout and some disease condition may induce kidney disease somehow. That’s why treating primary diseases means a lot in the prevention of kidney disease.

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