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How to Protect Your New Kidney after Kidney Transplantation

2012-09-24 09:08

The postoperative care after kidney transplantation becomes pretty vital. It is especially essential to those patients with high recurrence rate, for instance, diabetes, FSGS, IgA Nephropathy and Lupus. How to protect your new kidney from failing again becomes an increasingly concerned problem.

Those patients should pay extra attention to their diet. This is because after receiving the transplant, a large dose of immunosuppressant will be taken, meaning those patients has pretty risky low immunity. Foods they consume could possibly break this defense, for example, if food they consume is caused abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever or vomiting, plenty of fluid may be lost making salt or electrolytes supplement become necessary. Otherwise, dehydration would develop. Serious dehydration induces Acute Renal Failure in some cases and threatens one’s life security.

In addition to the cleanness of food they consume, the right amount should be taken into consideration. After the kidney transplantation, most of those patients gain their appetite due to the regain of their kidney function together with the application of steroids. Under such circumstances, immoderate diet is not recommended. We suggest the patients consume proper amount of lean meat, fish and chicken etc. If a patient consumes too much food but does less exercise, his or her body weight would increase in a short time. What’s the result? Weight gain in a short time easily leads to insufficient dose of immunosupressants. Rejection may attacks as a result.

Before kidney transplantation, limiting their consumption of fluid is usually necessary. However, for those who have already received kidney transplantation, drinking certain amount of water is recommended.

Some patients may consume supplements after the surgery, but not always right. Certain supplements boost one’s immunity or immune system, which would make immunosuppressants no longer in force. Once rejection attacks, serious consequences can happen.

We don’t also suggest the patients drinking or smoking because unhealthy lifestyle affects the transplanted kidney.

Last but not least, see your doctor from time to time even you feel good. Hope all you guys doing well with your new kidney!

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