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Natural Treatment for Protein in Urine

2013-03-29 08:40

What is the natural treatment for protein in urine? If we leave out other factors which can cause protein in urine, then protein in urine can be a common symptom of kidney disease. It can present foamy urine or bubbles in urine. A natural treatment for protein in urine means the one which can deal with the problem from the root cause safely and effectively.

Firstly, what can cause protein in urine?

For normal people, there is only a small amount of protein in urine and the amount is less than 150-200 mg per day. When the protein in urine exceeds the normal range, we call it proteinuria. There are several causes of protein in urine such as intensive exercise, too much protein intake, high fever and so on. In those cases, the protein can disappear in a short time and people need not worry it too much. However, if the protein in urine lasts for a long time, it may be caused by kidney damage.

In normal causes, the glomeruli can filter the metabolic wastes into urine, while retaining components your body needs including protein. However, with the kidney function declining, the glomerular filtration membrane composed of renal intrinsic cells is damaged thus allowing protein to pass through the filters of your kidneys, causing protein in urine.

What is the natural treatment for protein in urine?

In general, people with protein in urine are suggested to keep a low-protein diet and take some medicines like ACEI and ARBs to control the condition. However, a natural treatment for protein in urine means the one which can repair the damaged glomerular filtration membrane safely and effectively. While Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is such a kind of therapy.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helps repair the kidney damage through the following functions: anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and providing nutrition for damaged kidneys. There are no western medicines can achieve those functions mentioned above, which makes the kidney damage become more and more severe and severe, finally the condition develops Chronic Renal Failure. If the kidney damage can be repaired, then protein in urine will disappear naturally.

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