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The Appropriate Diet To Be Suitable For Staying Up

2018-07-29 11:34

Nowadays with the acceleration of life rhythm more and more person like to stay up after their duty day,then it is very important to know what to eat when you stay up to keep your normal body condition.

We all know that staying up is not good for health. It does not only affect work and study the next day, but also cause more serious problems, such as weakened immunity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. But sometimes we have to to it. Today I recommend something for you to eat when you stay up so as to keep your health from being damaged.


Staying up will consume a lot of water, so people who stay up late must drink plenty of water to supplement the lost fluid.


Apple: rich pectin in it can prevent atherosclerosis and constipation;

Oranges: abundant vitamin C can protect your immune system.

Bananas: potassium and magnesium in it can maintain a normal heart rate and blood pressure.


Carrot: it can clear liver, improve and protect vision, so it is the best food for people staying up.

Celery: it is high iron content, which can effectively avoid anemia;

Spinach: it is high in vitamin B, which is a great anti-fatigue device.


Pork liver: it can not only alleviate eye fatigue, but also solve the problem of endocrine maladjustment;

Yogurt: it can not only complement high-quality protein, but also promote digestion, and strengthen physical strength;

Oatmeal: it helps stabilize your mood and helps you sleep after staying up.

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