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Feeling Cold May Show Your Bad Health Condition

2018-08-17 10:51

Some symptoms may show your health condition,for example someone often feel cold even in summer.that means there is something wrong with his organs,and he must take care of himself and go to see a doctor to check up.From the opinion of Traditional Chinese medicine afraid of cold shows all evils are caused by depression and suppression of exterior yang, or deficiency of yang and weakness of defense. At present, it is generally divided into two categories: exogenous aversion to cold and internal injury aversion to cold. Exogenous diseases are found in cold medicine, typhoid fever, febrile diseases, malaria and other diseases. The internal injuries were divided into yang deficiency and aversion to cold, phlegm retention and aversion to cold, and depression of fire and aversion to cold.

Aversion to cold means fear of cold. The symptoms of aversion to cold are feeling very cold, which cannot be relieved even after the clothing and quilt are added. Both exterior syndrome and yang deficiency syndrome can appear. Exogenous aversion to cold is due to wind-cold in the exterior, which must have exterior syndromes such as fever, headache, and floating pulse. Yang deficiency and aversion to cold are internal organs deficiency and yang deficiency. Cold syndromes such as cold body and heavy pulse will be seen. In addition, there are those who are hot in the interior but cold in the exterior. Although they have the symptoms of aversion to cold and cold in the limbs, the patients are thirsty, breathing heavily, constipation and slippery and firm pulse.

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