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Taking Too Much Medicines or Long Time May Hurt Your Health

2018-08-18 15:31

When you have some disease you always want to go to see a doctor and take some medicines to improve the condition,but you don’t know if the medicine can do side effect to your health.Then as a doctor I want to tell you more about that ,I hope this comments can do great benefit to your health.

It is an indisputable fact that when get sick you should take medicine. However, as the saying goes, any medicine will have some toxic effect, and drugs are different from other commodities. While playing a therapeutic role, it is inevitably accompanied by poison. Therefore, patients must carefully read the drug instructions, especially the contents of the instructions such as ” adverse reactions”, ” precautions”, ” taboos” and ” drug interactions” before taking drugs. Consult pharmacists or relevant professionals when necessary.

The kidney is the purifier of the human body. It will keep the useful things in the blood and leave the useless things such as: Excess water, toxins, etc. However, the excretory capacity of the kidney is limited. If a large number of medicines are taken frequently, the kidney may be overloaded. Just like there are too many impurities in the river and the mud and sand will clog or tear the protective net. Too high a concentration of toxic substances in human blood can damage the kidney, while those who are light can cause Nephritis such as hematuria and albuminuria, while those who are serious can cause renal failure.

” non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in antipyretic analgesics, such as Le Song and Difene, and aminoglycoside antibiotics such as: Gentamicin, amikacin, etc. as well as antiviral drugs such as: Acyclovir, etc. if used improperly, will lead to renal failure. ” .. ” of course, I’m not to say that you cannot take medicine when you are ill, but you cannot take medicine at random.

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