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Some Complications Caused By Kidney Puncture Must Be Paid Attention

2018-09-11 10:35

As a kidney patient if you want to know exactly your condition,the doctor will suggest you do kidney puncture test,but though that is a small and simple surgery it can also do damage to your kidney,and as a kidney doctor i want to share you the following comments about that with you:

( 1 ) hematuria:

The incidence of microscopic hematuria was almost 100 % and usually disappeared 1 – 5 days after operation without treatment. When the renal puncture needle penetrates into the renal calyx or renal pelvis, gross hematuria can occur, mostly disappearing in 1 – 3 days. In the case of gross hematuria with blood clots, it can generally be relieved after intravenous administration of Vit K1 or pituitrin. Be careful not to use hemostatics at this time to avoid serious consequences due to urinary obstruction. Encourage patients to drink more water to ensure the smooth flow of the urinary tract.

( 2 ) Perirenal Hematoma:

The incidence of perirenal hematoma is about 60 – 90 %, which is generally small, has no clinical symptoms, and is mostly absorbed within 1 – 2 weeks. Large hematomas are rare, mostly due to renal laceration or penetration into large and medium blood vessels, especially arteries, which usually occur on the day of puncture and are characterized by abdominal pain, lumbago, tenderness at the puncture site or slight swelling on the opposite side.

( 3 ) Low back pain:

The incidence was about 17 – 60 %, and disappeared in more than a week.

( 4 ) arteriovenous fistula:

The incidence was 15 – 19 % and most patients had no symptoms. Typical manifestations include severe hematuria and / or perirenal hematoma, refractory hypertension, progressive heart failure and vascular murmur in the waist and abdomen. Renal angiography is required for diagnosis, most of them heal themselves within 3 – 30 months, and the serious ones are reqiring operation on in time.

( 5 ) Injury to other organs:

If the organ were injured by improper puncture points or excessive penetration of needles, the serious ones needed surgical treatment.

( 6 ) Infection:

The incidence of infection is low, mostly due to lax aseptic measures, infection already existing around the kidney or accompanied by pyelonephritis, such as fever, severe lumbago and leukopenia, which need to be treated with antibiotics.

( 7 ) Death:

The incidence was 0 – 0.1 % and died of severe bleeding, infection, organ damage or other systemic complications.

From the above comments about the kidney puncture test complications you can get more benefit and avoid some damage to your health ,if you have the similar questions please contact us through the following message:

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