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The Clinical Manifestation Of Uremic Patients And How To Avoid Them

2018-09-11 11:14

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are suffering from the uremia,for the disease is a kind of progressive disease,without the reasonable treatment in time the condition will aggravate gradually and we must pay more concern to this situation.First we can learn more knowledge about the clinical manifestations then we can prevent the phenomenon happen or delay it ,thus the uremic patients can live the long term normal life .Then i will discuss this condition with you as following:

Uremia, as a common kidney disease, has always maintained a high incidence, and the number of patients has also increased in recent years. On the one hand, it is due to the increasing trend of patients, on the other hand, it is because with the improvement of medical level, more patients can discover their illness in time. The symptoms of uremia aggravation are an important basis for the deterioration of the disease. Therefore, patients should learn relevant knowledge, understand the symptoms of uremia and take timely preventive measures.

Although the symptoms of early uremia are not obvious, careful observation will reveal that: The patient’s night urine, polyuria and urine color became lighter. Sudden gastrointestinal bleeding and gastrointestinal discomfort; Slight tiredness and inattention; Anemia, paleness or yellowness of the complexion; Whole body bone pain or back pain; Menstrual disorders become irregular; Cramp; Edema of eyelids or lower limbs. In addition, patients may have poor appetite and high blood pressure, which are easily overlooked by patients.

When the illness develops, there will be abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, even more frequent defecation or poor stool quality. At this time, the illness is already serious, which is often an important reason why patients have to seek medical treatment. Because the kidney has the function of removing sodium and draining water, sodium and water accumulation will occur in the body when kidney function is damaged. In addition, the kidney will secrete some substances that raise hypertension. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure will have different degrees of hypertension in the early stage. If there is high blood pressure and poor blood coagulation mechanism, it is easy to cause bleeding in nose or gums, then attention should be paid and it is better to go to the hospital for examination.

From the comments about the uremia i think many patients are more worrying about that ,as a kidney doctor i think if you can accept the reasonable treatment in time your condition can be improved gradually,if you want to promote your kidney condition please contact us through the following message:

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