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What Kinds Of Food May Do Damage To Your Kidneys

2018-09-28 14:10

In your daily life some food may cause the damage to your kidney though it is very delicious ,then you must know exactly what kinds of food you should avoid eating to prevent the damage to your kidney function,and i will share with your what foods can hurt your kidneys.

First kind of kidney damaging food : Soft bread

In the process of making bread, in order to achieve the goal of softness, a kind of potassium added called potassium bromate will be added, and this kind of substance will destroy the normal activities of the kidney and will be eaten frequently. Potassium bromate will not be discharged out of the body in time and will also cause nephritis.

Second kind of kidney damaging food : Bean products

Bean products can supplement high-quality protein, and soybean milk is also one of everyone’s favorite breakfasts. However, the protein in bean products undergoes a series of metabolism in the body and finally decomposes into a nitrogen-containing substance, which is excreted out of the body through urine. Of course, proper administration will not cause any impact, but if you eat too many soy products and have a certain amount of urination every day, the nitrogen in your body will be excessive.Thus causing the burden on the kidney and affecting the function of the kidney.

Third kind of kidney damaging food : Salty food

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, salt can enter the kidney, and salt water is used to guaid the tonifying medicines into the kidney. But everything has limit. The main ingredient in salt is sodium, which absorbs water in the body, so people who eat salty water always want to drink water. The kidney governs the drain, and the drain depends on the water. At this time, the water in the body is absorbed by sodium, and the kidney will accumulate in the kidney if it fails to discharge toxins in time.Damage to kidney function.

Fourth kind of kidney damaging food : fried food

Fried food is a kind of snacks with ” color, smell and taste” that we can see everywhere, but it has a high fat content and is mostly trans fatty acids, which are difficult to discharge after entering the body. It will accumulate in the kidney and hinder the normal function of the kidney.

When you have known about the kidney damaging food above you can do more benefit for your kidney,and if you have any questions about the diet for kidney disease,please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidney-support@hotmail.com

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