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The Important Symptoms For The Kidney Insufficiency

2018-10-18 10:07

When you have kidney insufficiency you will have discomfortable symptoms and must take good care of yourself in daily life.

First symptom is that the body is always afraid of cold.

Some people are afraid of the cold. Everyone feels hot. He still feels cold. He also needs to wear more clothes in summer. In fact, ” fear of cold” is one of the important manifestations of kidney deficiency. This is because ” yang qi is rooted in the kidney”. If kidney deficiency occurs, the body’s original yang will be weak, and when yang qi is not enough, our body will be afraid of cold.

Second is that do not lack sleep but always yawn.

In traditional Chinese medicine, “kidney generates yawn. If you haven’t slept well, yawning is due to exhaustion, which is normal. But if you don’t stay up late and yawn all day, that’s the sign of kidney deficiency.

Third one is the complexion is blackened and lusterless

Some people have a good complexion, but later they are getting darker and darker. This should be paid attention to. That is your kidney qi is a bit weak. Especially women, if you don’t sleep for a few days, you’ll have dark circles under your eyes immediately. Therefore, we must not stay up late. Staying up late is the most harmful and aging inducing, and the complexion will turn black over time.

Fourth one is that the ears were scorched and shriveled

In traditional Chinese medicine, the ear chakra can reflect a person’s kidney qi and renal failure. People with renal failure usually have dry ears and dark colors, followed by scorching, which is typical of kidney deficiency. It is suggested that you might as well look in the mirror and observe it.

Fifth one is that often moaning without illness。

If a person is always whining all day, that is, what we often call moaning without illness, it is a sign of kidney deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine summarized the sounds that people often make as ” shout, laugh, song, cry and groan” and corresponded to the five internal organs, namely, liver shout, heart laugh, spleen song, lung cry and kidney groan. So, if you often moan without disease, it is kidney deficiency!

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