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Some Causes And Symptoms Of Blood Deficiency

2018-10-25 14:10

Some people whose immunity is very poor often has some problems of blood deficiency.why does it occur to someone?

Blood deficiency refers to the pathological changes of insufficient blood, nutritional and moisturizing functions.There are two main reasons for the formation of blood deficiency:First, there is a lack of blood biochemistry, such as weakness of spleen and stomach and lack of nutrition.or kidney essence is deficient, and blood-producing substances are reduced;Or heart, lung, liver and other visceral gasification function decline, the function of metaplasia of blood disorder;or blood deficiency due to blood stasis and lack of new blood.The second is the loss and consumption of blood, such as excessive blood loss and new blood not being replenished.Or labor injury thought too much, dark consumption of blood;Or the lack of blood due to prolonged illness, chronic consumption and other factors can lead to blood deficiency.

Manifestation :Such as dizziness, pale complexion, listlessness, pale tongue and claw, weak and thready pulse, etc. Because the heart governs blood vessels and the liver governs blood storage, the heart and liver are the most common diseases of blood deficiency.Lack of heart blood can be seen as palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness and other symptoms.Liver blood deficiency can be seen in dryness of eyes, blurred vision or numbness of hands and feet, and joint flexion and extension impairment.If liver blood deficiency leads to disorder of chong and ren, it can also lead to symptoms such as less menstruation, menstrual disorder and amenorrhea.

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