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Why Does Drinking Alcohol Cause High Blood Pressure

2018-11-19 11:36

More kidney patients often have high blood pressure,even they take antihypertensive medicines,what cause this occur often confuse the patients.People with chronic kidney disease will have higher blood pressure if they drink alcohol, but this is not the reason why they can’t drink alcohol.

1、 Increase the burden of kidney metabolism

kidney function in patients with kidney disease is insufficient. Drinking alcohol will affect the nitrogen balance of the body and increase protein decomposition, resulting in blood urea nitrogen content, which will inevitably increase the burden on the kidney. This is especially important for patients with renal insufficiency.

2、 Conflict with medication

Most patients with kidney disease need to take long-term medicine, and many of the medicine have conflicts with alcohol, the principle of which is roughly the same.

Many drugs and alcohol are metabolized by metabolizing enzymes. If they are taken at the same time, they will inevitably compete for metabolizing enzymes. For example, after using some cephalosporins, metronidazole and other drugs, the stage from acetaldehyde to acetic acid in alcohol metabolism will be suppressed, resulting in an increase in acetaldehyde concentration in the body, resulting in a series of symptoms such as chest distress, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and even more serious consequences.

Similarly, some drugs can’t compete with alcohol, and there will also be problems. For example, warfarin, a drug used to prevent thrombosis, can reduce its metabolism in the body, enhance its efficacy and bring more bleeding risks.

3、 uric acid increased

At present, in addition to white wine, more people will choose to drink beer, and beer also contains alcohol, the same function as above. At the same time, hops in beer have diuretic effect, which will also increase the burden on the kidney and at the same time will hurt the liver. In the end, beer will also raise uric acid, making it worse for patients with high uric acid.

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