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Eight Points Can Help You Control Your Kidney Condition

2018-11-27 10:40

A lot of nephrotic patients have such doubt, why do i get nephropathy while my body does not have unwell feeling?In fact, the early symptoms of kidney disease is not easy to detect if not carefully observed.

One of the things that most people with kidney disease have in common is that they worry about their kidney disease going to get worse, and that they're not going to find the right treatment.Nevertheless nephropathy is a very complex disease, according to individual constitution, the condition itself has very big concern.In addition, the quality of kidney disease, also has a lot to do with life habits, if the kidney disease patients strictly follow these 8 words, then congratulations, your kidney disease will be controlled within the scope of control.

First, Measure your blood pressure regularly.

Blood pressure can be said to be closely related to kidney disease, blood pressure can reflect the severity of kidney disease.In the diagnosis of nephropathy, if the patient has hypertension (greater than 140/90mmhg), it often indicates more serious nephropathy pathology.After the occurrence of hypertension has not been stable control, will directly accelerate the deterioration of nephropathy, making the risk of uremia significantly increased.

Always observe their blood pressure, nephropathy patients must do things, blood pressure control, nephropathy will be controlled.

Second, blood sugar remains good

Diabetic nephropathy has become more and more common, among which a large proportion of people on dialysis are caused by diabetes. Therefore, maintaining blood glucose within a reasonable range is also a major method to control nephropathy.

Third,Blood creatinine is normal.

Creatinine is the most commonly used indicator of renal function.Creatinine in the normal or only slightly elevated, and sustained stability, indicating that kidney function is still in a relatively early stage, leaving doctors more leeway for treatment.

Fourth, Do not eat disorderly for supplement.

The biggest misconception of nephrotic patient is, all sorts of food supplements, medicine supplements, can often harm the health of kidney more.Some patients know that kidney disease has a restriction for many food.The kidney patients who do not have the hobbies of random supplement, random eating at ordinary times, can controll the kidney condition better.

Fifth, Appropriate restriction of food, but not excessive;

Eat salt less appropriately, limit fish and meat, eat soy products, milk, eggs, take more vegetables and fruits, such a balanced diet, is good for the kidney patient. Appropriate restriction of food, but not excessive, maintain a good weight and mental state, is extremely important for kidney patients.

Sixth, Knowing how to review your condition regularly.

Because nephropathy condition appears easily unstable, or the circumstance that repeats, accordingly, no matter if already had controlled proteinuria, blood pressure, kidney function to wait for each index, or still did not have good control, it is necessary to go to a hospital and have a check regularly .

Seventh, Don't be angry and anxious in your daily life.

Mood is very important to nephropathy treatment effect!Sometimes even can discover on clinical go up, after a few kidney patients quarrel with someone seriously, we can find the symptoms as "appearing urine albumen, blood pressure to increase abruptly", peaceful state of mind, do not be angry, anxiety, learn to adjust the mood of kidney patients, this must be remembered by patients.

Eighth, Keep exercising

Kidney patients with poor endurance, can choose to walk, tai chi, yoga and other slightly gentle exercise, slowly increase the amount of exercise and exercise time;Kidney friend with good endurance, can choose the intense exercise such as dancing, canter, swim ;the exercise extent is slightly a few bigger than common.Kidney patient must remember that it maybe not better to your health as you do larger amount of exercise , you should choose the appropriate exercise according to your body condition.

If you have any questions about the eight points to be concerned please contact us through the following message:

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